Whatsapp security code has changed – what does it mean

When using the WhatsApp program, it is possible to receive automatic notifications that the user’s security code has changed to WhatsApp, which means many users of the messenger are concerned. This should not be alarming. A message indicates that the security system is operating normally..

Sometimes the security code that is used for encryption in Whatsapp may change..

What is encryption in whatsapp

WhatsApp owners guarantee that all forwarded messages, images, audio and video files, as well as calls are transmitted in encrypted form – this ensures confidentiality of communication.

For the program to work, end-to-end encryption technology is used, thanks to which, when following between recipients, the information remains encrypted and inaccessible to read.

In practice, it looks like this: when sending, each message is protected with a cryptological lock, and when received, it is decrypted again using a special key. This process is called end-to-end encryption..

The decryption key does not match the security code and is changed for a new message, which complicates the cracking of correspondence. A cipher is required to confirm the fact of confidentiality in data exchange. It is a sequence of 60 digits, or a QR code. All participants in a chat or conference will have one and the same. By checking it for a match, you can make sure that the calls and messages in it are encrypted.

WhatsApp End-to-End Encryption Principle.

To find this set of numbers, you need:

  • open chat;
  • click on the name of the interlocutor to get into the option “Contact data”;
  • go to the section “Encryption”.

For security reasons, the numbers are not displayed on the screen. The full version cannot be viewed, but it is in the device’s memory.

How to enable WhatsApp encryption

There is no need to enable this process, since in the watsup this happens automatically, regardless of the user’s desire. In 2016, end-to-end encryption was introduced for all types of WatsApp messaging services. If the program has been downloaded before this time and has not been reinstalled or updated since then, it needs to be updated to enable encoding.

Encryption is enabled by default for all users and does not require separate activation..

If there are doubts about the confidentiality of communication, you can verify the presence of encryption by checking the security code with the recipient. To confirm its coincidence, you need to compare it on 2 devices for general chat. If the interlocutors are nearby, you can both open “Contact Details” and visually match the sequence of numbers.

If this is not possible, one of the chat participants can send the code in the form of a screenshot or click the “Share” button next to the code and send the numbers by e-mail or SMS.

How to remove encryption in WhatsApp

You cannot disable message encoding in WhatsApp. Some believe that this can be done in the program settings, but only disabling system notifications is permissible. After that, notifications about a change in the security code stop coming, but end-to-end encryption of all transmitted information still remains.

You can disable system notifications about code changes in the “Security” tab.

Why is the security code changing

The cipher is changed, because it is completely saved only on the device and is unknown even to the owners of the program. Therefore, when you reinstall it or change the phone, it is irretrievably lost, and a new one is generated for all user contacts. At the same time, all recipients for whom the code is changed receive a notification.

In practice, updating the security code is most often due to the fact that the second chat participant reinstalled the program or changed the device from which he had previously communicated using the vatsap.

This does not mean that the person with whom the communication is carried out has changed the number or any other data, and does not require any action on the part of the user.

How to prevent a message from arriving

Since the notification of a change in the security code does not jeopardize the safety of the data already sent, does not affect the sending of messages and does not require confirmation or any other actions by the chat participant, you can simply turn off the appearance of this system message.

To do this, select the following sections in the program menu:

  • “Settings”;
  • “Account”;
  • “Security”.

Once in the “Security” section, you need to find the line “Show security notifications” and set the switch to the “Off” position. At the same time, all information sent using the WhatsA messenger will still be transmitted in encrypted form.