WhatsApp presents new stickers and software for free development

Young people have not used words for a long time to express emotions. Especially when communicating on social networks. Stickers, gifs, stickers, emojis became popular ways. Whatsapp is no exception.



Two billion users use the messenger Votsap. This makes the utility the most popular in the world. Despite this, the software has established itself as a “serious” application..

WhatsApp users average age 26 years.

Positioning has been repeatedly announced by the management of the corporation..

“The main task is to create a messenger that secures the information of customers. Even from the security services. For this, double end-to-end encryption is used … Separately developed software to promote the business … We are not against entertainment, but we position Votsap as a “serious” utility “.

The announcement of the development is aimed at highlighting software updates. For example, the release of WhatsApp Business with new functionality for computers and the Web. However, one entertainment bothered attention.

Coffee stickers

Even the creators of Votsap do not deny that morning should begin with a hot aromatic drink. There is coffee!

To maximize the expression of emotions, Facebook designers (the corporation owning the messenger) have developed a set of thematic stickers, stickers, and gifs. To use the new items:

  • Run the software utility.
  • Open chat. When creating a new one, tap the notification image in the green circle from the bottom right.
  • Click the emoticon located to the left of the text input line.
  • In the window that appears below, select the folded leaf (middle right).
  • From the proposed options, find the best emoticon.
  • To send – tap the selected sticker.

Suggested pictures are free. To use them you do not need to download to the device in advance.

API and interface for creating

As you can see in the WhatsApp application, there are a couple of stickers. Designers, programmers can increase their number. To do this, the developers launched in the public domain API with interfaces for drawing stickers, gifs.

You can download the codes in the Play Store, App Store. Assistant unavailable on official site.

Assistant Utility Free.

To upload development to the Votsap database:

  • Open software.
  • Choose a chat.
  • Click the emoticon located to the left of the text input line.
  • In the window that appears below, select the folded leaf (middle right).
  • Tap the “+” icon.
  • Choose the sticker you want to load.

Only one image can be installed at a time. You will have to repeat the procedure with each picture..

Loaded developments are checked for:

  • security;
  • Copyright;
  • lack of eroticism, pornography, scenes of violence, cruelty.

Validated Designs Allowed for Publication.

For the best stickers (by the number of user submissions), the guide pays the creator a monetary incentive.

No restrictions or requirements for designers.

To make the application work, do not forget to update the utility. With Play Market, App Store, the official site download is free. With a stable connection to the network, the installation lasts a minute. Authorization of registered users is “pulled” automatically.