WhatsApp Business with new features for computers and the Web

The most popular messenger used by two billion people is being improved daily. All for the sake of attracting more users. Another update was the improvement of the functionality of PC users, Web. Especially with a WhatsApp Business account.


Everything for business

Following the acquisition of Votsap by Facebook, Inc., the company’s focus is on making money. Since the utility is free for individuals, monetization is present among legal clients.

The beginning of the story

The WhatsApp Business application was launched as a test version in January 2018. The utility allowed:

  • Send text messages.
  • Share photo, video, audio.
  • Create personal, group chats, communities, channels.
  • Attach direct links.
  • Directly download videos that you don’t need to switch to other platforms to watch.
  • Create business profiles. The account description displays information about the company, contact details, links to sites.
  • Set up quick answers. Thanks to the robotic assistant, you can consider common questions in advance. Using it, create template answers that are automatically sent to the client. This may be the price of the goods, the conditions of the order, etc..
  • Track statistics. Get information about read letters, user activity, click-throughs. Information improves customer interaction.
  • Whatsapp web. For the first time, operations are available on a PC. Initially limited functionality.
  • Type of customer. Initially, the page is displayed marked “Business.” After filling out information about the company, conducting chats, communities, the system checks the specified. If the information is genuine, the account is assigned the “Verified Business” mark.

WhatsApp Business application requires additional download, registration. Using software for a fee.


After global success, the messenger developers decided not to stop there. Improving software sent to the Web. That is, for computer use. A couple of teams have also changed..


  • The answers got faster. The developers have increased the number of questions and stationary reviews. To answer, the owner of the client needs to tap “/”. After – choose the finished option. The procedure lasts a second.
  • Shortcuts. Personal designation for each chat, contact. Shortcuts allow you to navigate in the console, speed up the search for information. The main thing – notes are visible only to the account owner.
  • Filters This is not about image editors. Filters are aimed at managing correspondence. You can group unread messages (even inside the chat), mailings.


Commands available on smartphone, tablet, computer. Separately improved version of Web.

Future plans

Developments improve returns between sellers and buyers. Accelerate the exchange of information, the distribution of goods.

“We make advertising as accessible as possible. Instead of hundreds of thousands of dollars, businessmen pay up to hundreds, said representatives of the marketing department. – Now WhatsApp Business is available on your computer. The update will accelerate work, systematize information, and expand the production of statistical materials ”.

The creators are not going to stop there. An improved version announced at the end of 2020.

For applications to work, they must be updated. Download from Play Market, App Store, the official site is free. Installation lasts two minutes with a stable connection to the network.