Will messages reach after unlocking in WhatsApp

In “Votsap” you can block a person from whom you do not want to receive messages and calls. If you add it to the black list, you will no longer receive notifications from him, he will not write or call you, but you will not be able to see his status (online or offline) and avatar updates. However, you can remove the user from the blacklist. The question arises, if you unblock a contact in WhatsApp, will messages come from it.

If you unblock a contact on Whatsapp, messages will come from him.

How to block and unlock a contact

In order to block a contact in “Vatsap” on Android, in the chat list you need to select the desired dialogue, open it and go to the chat in the chat window by clicking 3 dots in the upper right corner. Scroll down and click “Block”. To unlock, you must perform the same sequence of actions, only at the bottom of the page will the inscription “Unlock”.

You can also add a user to the blacklist on Android in the following way: go to “Settings”, select “Account” and click on “Privacy”. The number of people you banned will be shown below. By clicking on it, you can see the names of blocked people or their phone numbers, if they are not from your phone book.

There are several ways to block Watsap on iPhone. For example, in the chat list, you need to swipe left with the finger on the dialogue with the person you want to ban. Press “More”, go to “Contact data”, select “Block contact”. You can simply block or complain and block. For the reverse procedure, go to the “More” item, select “Contact details” and press “Unlock contact”.

Another way to lock for iPhone: go to “Settings”, then to “Account”, select “Privacy”, go to “Blocked” and click “Add new”.

What a blocked user sees in WhatsApp

A blocked user continues to see a dialogue with you in the list of their chats, even if you deleted the conversation from your phone. Entering it, he will see only those materials that were sent before blocking. At the top of the dialogue, under your avatar, instead of the status “Was (was) online”, only your name will be displayed. The status field will be empty.

In order to understand whether your message has been delivered, pay attention to the color and number of checkmarks in the lower right corner:

  • 1 gray checkmark – sent, but not yet delivered to the addressee;
  • 2 gray checkmarks – delivered, but not yet read;
  • 2 blue checkmarks – read by recipient.

In “Vatsap” there is also the option to disable the report on reading the message. If the recipient in the selected dialogue enabled this function in his settings, then you will not see 2 blue checkmarks in the lower right corner of the message, even if it was read.

This process is two-way. A user who has disabled the read report will not see the report on your letters. This does not apply to group chats. For them, this feature is not available..

Do messages come if you unlock a contact on WhatsApp

You can unblock a contact in the settings.

If you blocked a user in Vatsap, the messenger will stop receiving calls and messages from this person. After you unblock it, a question may arise about whether the settings have gone wrong and whether messages from this subscriber will come again.

You will receive letters that the user will send you after unlocking. However, those messages that were sent during the blocking will not reach you. Ask to forward them to you again.

In the same way, if you were banned by another user and your messages did not reach, then after unlocking you need to send the necessary information again. It is impossible to restore contacts and this data from your phone without the participation of the sender.