Why video is not sent to Whatsapp

In the stable and uninterrupted operation of messengers, crashes occur. If Vatsap does not send video, the reason lies in the software settings or in the device itself. It happens that because of this, messages are not sent. Once you’ve found out the cause of the problem, you can set up video uploads..

Why video is not sent to Whatsapp and what to do

With repeated unsuccessful attempts to send a video to contacts in Votsap, do not be upset. The task can be solved without outside help. You may not need to take your mobile or stationary device to a repair shop..

Common causes of software malfunction:

  • insufficient Internet connection or unstable network;
  • problems in the phone settings, the presence of viruses;
  • unsupported video format;
  • exceeding the maximum permissible file size, overloading the device memory;
  • flash send blocking.

The way to solve the problem depends entirely on the cause..

Device memory full

Android phones are designed for a fixed amount of stored information. If it is exceeded, some applications, including the Vatsap messenger, may fail.

If unsuccessful attempts to transfer a video are associated with an overloaded memory, programmers are advised to act according to the following instructions:

  • Open Settings.
  • Select the Data Warehouse tab.
  • Go to the section “Free up space”.
  • Tick ​​off unnecessary files, the removal of which will not harm the further operation of Iphone or another device with WhatsApp installed.
  • Activate the function to clear the memory by pressing the “Clear” key.

Many applications downloaded to smartphones are not used. They are also recommended to be deleted in the appropriate section. The free space should be enough to restore the functions of Watsap.

Low connection speed

First you need to check your internet connection. For reliability, you can disconnect the device from the network and reconnect.

For the normal functioning of applications, including the transfer of media files, a stable Internet connection with a sufficient connection speed is required. Diagnosis is by trial run. After a reboot, any page opens. If the download is in standard mode, the problem must be sought elsewhere. It is not connected to the network.

You can fix problems sending videos to Vatsap caused by the insufficiently high speed of your Internet connection by limiting access to other applications. The procedure consists in manually activating the “Limit background indicators” function. To do this, the “Data Usage” tab is provided in the phone settings.

Viruses on the phone

In some cases, Whatsapp crashes, which prevents the transfer of media files, including videos, due to virus infection. Malicious software crashes into the device while visiting untrustworthy sites. Often the pages of unverified portals contain trojans. Therefore, immediately after the purchase, you need to install an application with anti-virus protection on your phone.

You will have to contact a service center to clean the infected device.. This cannot be more expensive than standard repairs. In parallel, the wizard will help with the settings for the stable operation of instant messengers, including arranging the sending of video to Vatsap.

For the communicative application to function properly, you must correctly set the time and date on the phone. The difference in performance prevents file sharing between users. The best option is to program the automatic time zone adjustment..

Reason in SD card

Problems with a memory card are one of the common causes of blocking video transmission..

The cause may also be a broken SD card..

Media transfer failure is due to:

  • mechanical damage or malfunction of the flash card software;
  • insufficient free space;
  • wrong SD card settings.

When the “Read only” option is set, the transfer of any materials downloaded to the card is automatically blocked. The user can open and view videos on his device without compromising on quality and speed, but the transfer function will not be available.

Free up the missing space by removing unused applications. Programmers are advised to regularly check the state of memory on a flash drive. If it overflows, you should get rid of unnecessary files.

A damaged drive is formatted. This is a radical method to solve the problem. The procedure is irreversible, personal data is not saved. Therefore, you should first rewrite the necessary information to another medium.

If after performing the above actions the flash card continues to fail, it is better to replace it with a new one.

Why the video is not fully sent

WhatsApp is programmed to transfer multimedia files with a maximum size of 16 MB. Depending on the quality and format, viewing such a video takes 1.5-3 minutes. It is not possible to send long video clips directly using the messenger. If the amount of material transferred is greater, the application suggests reducing it.

User consent, confirmed by clicking the corresponding button in the pop-up window, allows the program to trim the video file. The subscriber will receive a shortened version of the video (first minutes).

How to send a long video from the phone

If the media file exceeds the maximum size, you can send it in 2 ways:

  • Use the special option for video compression.
    Material will take up less space, but image quality will suffer.
  • Upload file to cloud storage.
    In a text message, send the link to the subscriber. The interlocutor will open a high-quality video of the original size on it.

Departing a video to Vatsap.

The algorithm for transmitting video over Vatsap depends on the type of mobile device.

There are 2 options:

  • Iphone does not have a separate drive, so all information is stored in the memory of the phone and a special “cloud” resource. The best way to send video is to upload the file to the “cloud” and then transfer the link to the contact or group. The application recognizes the media file in it and notifies the subscriber about the receipt of the video.
  • Forwarding via Android is performed using a special option on the dialog page (the Chats tab). An icon in the form of a paper clip or plus is provided for sending video material. By activating the transfer function, you can mark the file type, select a video in the list, add a text message and click “Send”.

You can forward the video from the Android device, bypassing the entrance to your personal messenger account. To do this, in the gallery menu you should open a list of programs and applications that allow you to share material; selecting Votsap, mark among the contacts of the interlocutor, activating the option “Share”.

To send a video clip larger than 16 MB from the phone, you can use special programs that compress the file. On Android, they install Video Compression, which transforms a voluminous media file into a small video. IPhone owners use the Video Compressor software product, which can reduce the volume from 50 to 5 MB. For WindowsPhone devices, Whatsapp Video Optimizer is offered.

You can trim and send a video clip in parts using the extension for working with video files. Such applications are available to users of PlayMarket and AppStore. The program must first be downloaded and downloaded to your mobile phone.

How to send a full video file from a computer

When preparing a three-dimensional video for transfer to Vatsap using a stationary device, you will need to install a web version of the messenger on your computer. After setting up and checking the health, you can start sending.

A large video clip cannot be sent. For compression, programs like MediaCoder, HandBrake, Freemake Video Converter are used. These or other applications that reduce the volume of media files are preloaded onto the computer. But the photo when compressed in whatsapp, degrades its quality.

Links to the video are transmitted from the stationary device in the same way as from the phone. As a “cloud” storage, you can use Google Drive.