Why WhatsApp crashes and what to do

When using WhatsApp on a computer and phone, you may encounter a disadvantage such as braking and turning off the application for no apparent reason. When the “WhatsApp” crashes, messages may be lost, so for the messenger to function properly, you need to understand the error. There are different solutions to the problem, depending on the device..

What to do if Vatsap crashes on a computer

In this case, you can do the following:

  • Turn off the program using the close method on the taskbar.
  • Right-click on the WhatsApp icon, select “Close”.
  • Go to the shortcut on the desktop, launch the menu for working with the icon.
  • Select “Properties”, then go to “Compatibility”.
  • Check the box “Run in Windows compatibility mode”.
  • Select the option “Run as administrator”.
  • Save changes.
  • Remove shortcut and create new.
  • Check the application.

Stop and uninstall a program.

Why WhatsApp Web crashes

A common reason for this phenomenon with the online version of Vatsap for a computer is an unstable Internet connection..

Other factors of incorrect messenger operation:

  • problems synchronizing with the phone;
  • database integrity failure;
  • lack of connection in the mobile version;
  • malfunctions of the messenger itself;
  • computer problems.

What to do

You should try to reboot the modem and check the Internet connection. If this does not help, you need to enable synchronization with the mobile application.

If WhatsApp is not connected on the phone, the web version will malfunction and constantly “crash”.

What to do if WhatsApp crashes on the phone

To choose the best solution to the problem, you need to understand what it is. There are standard troubleshooting methods for iPhone and Android devices..


What to do if WhatsApp crashes on iPhone:

  • The reason is the failure of the Internet connection. You need to reconnect to the network or try another connection, such as wireless.
  • The reason is an authentication violation. You should check the correctness of the telephone number and code from the message. It is recommended to look at the history of account logins; it may have been hacked. Then you need to change the password.
  • The reason is that the old version of the application is installed. You need to regularly update the messenger to avoid problems with using.

Whatsapp crash.

In some cases, uninstalling and reinstalling the program helps..


Possible causes of WhatsApp on Android and their solution:

  • Lack of internet connection. It is necessary to reboot the router or modem, disconnect and re-enable data transfer when using mobile Internet.
  • “Hang” application. You must restart the program, and if it does not help, then completely restart the phone.
  • Full load of phone memory. It is recommended to clear the application cache on the smartphone, delete unnecessary programs and files.

What to do if Vatsap just hangs and doesn’t respond

When “Vatsap” freezes, you need to restart the phone or turn off the program on the computer through the task manager. If the situation repeats regularly, you need to check the device’s memory and update WhatsApp to the latest version.

On Android

Options for solving the problem when the messenger freezes on Android:

  • reconnect to the network or select another Internet connection;
  • reload Vatsap;
  • update messenger;
  • uninstall the application and install again;
  • restart smartphone.

When all else fails, the last option remains – reset the phone to the factory settings. Before that, you need to save all the important files and applications. It’s good to use sync with your Google account..

Android WhatsApp Update.

On iphone

When the messenger hangs on the iPhone, the solutions will be the same as on Android. You need to check the availability of the Internet, update the application, restart the phone.

In windows

The “freezing” of the messenger in Windows can be fixed by closing the application through the task manager by executing the command Ctrl + Alt + Del. In the window that opens, on the “Applications” tab, click on the “Vatsap” icon and click on the “Remove task” option below.

In most cases, this completely solves the problem. The application will be closed and can be restarted..

The reason may be high processor load, overheating of the PC. Then you need to clean unnecessary files through CCleaner and remove unnecessary tasks.