Why the microphone does not work in WhatsApp

Many users are interested in how to turn on the microphone in Vatsap in order to talk with interlocutors. There are several reasons why this cannot be done. But problems in Watsap can be fixed on their own.

Microphone on button does not work.

Why the microphone does not work in vatsap

If WhatsApp users notice that the microphone is not working, the problem may be as follows:

  • Microphone out of order. This is the most common failure. If the device is broken, there is no sound during a call, the interlocutor is not heard.
  • An old version of the application is installed on the smartphone.
  • Application Conflict. If several programs are installed on the equipment that compete with each other, WhatsApp may not work.
  • The program stops working if the operating system is outdated.

Further actions depend on which platform the gadget runs on..

On Android

In order for the application to record video and voice messages that subscribers leave, indicating their name, use the free call feature. But the user must give permission for this..

To do this, he must do the following:

  • Select “Settings”.
  • A window will open. In it, select the tab “Privacy”.
  • After that, you need to click on the “Microphone”, and then put a checkmark in front of WhatsApp.

After that, you can open the application. The user will see that the system notifies him that the functions have been updated. Now he can make a video call or leave a voice message.

On iphone

Turn on the microphone in Watsapp on iPhone.

Before installing the messenger on the iPhone, check compatibility. There will be no access to the microphone if Vatsap comes into conflict with other programs and applications installed on the smartphone.

To be able to use the program, you need to go to “Settings”. After that, you need to select “Sound options”, in the menu you should find “Voice activation”, and then uncheck this item. Then you need to check how the microphone works..

Solving the problem on Android devices

Another problem that is typical for devices running on the Android platform can be called software crashes. But this is not the only reason why the microphone cannot be connected..

Also, it will not work during a video call if water or dirt gets inside the device, or the phone was damaged as a result of a shock or improper cleaning.

First, clean the channel, which is located in the gadget body. When processing, do not put pressure on the sound pickup, strong pressure will damage it.

If after that the microphone does not work, reset the settings. This procedure is called system rollback. But before starting, they save the data, and then synchronize the addresses. All photos and video files are best placed on an external drive, only after that they roll back.

The second way to resolve errors that may occur is to reflash the gadget. But you can’t do it on your own, so you need to contact a communication salon for specialists. The help of the master will be required even if the recorder works, the microphone distinguishes sounds, and in Votsap it is impossible to contact a person.

How to fix a bug on iOs

If the microphone does not work, go to the “Settings” section. Here is a tab called “About Phone”. The user must select “System Update”. When updates are installed, voice mode should work.

So that in the future there will not be malfunctions in the messenger, you need to ensure that the latest version of the program is installed on the smartphone. Regular updates will help prevent problems.