Why photos are not sent to WhatsApp

When trying to share the image, the user may see a message: “the selected file is not a Whatsapp photo”, what to do in this case depends on the cause of the failure.

The necessary format and size of the photo for Vatsap

Whatsapp supports any graphic format. However, there is a limit on the volume of the transferred object:

  • 100 MB for Android;
  • 128 MB for iPhone.

Photo for social. the network.

If the user wants to share stickers with his contacts or use a set of stickers, then he does not need to save them in the memory of his phone. Just install the special extension from Google play or the App Store.

Why photos are not sent to Whatsapp and what to do

Whatsapp may fail to send images for many reasons. For example, this can be caused by errors in the device settings. Incorrectly set date and time do not allow the gadget to interact with messenger servers. However, the following 4 factors are most common..

Problems connecting to the network and the Internet

If the speed and bandwidth of the network to which the gadget is connected are insufficient, Watsap will give an error. Therefore, if previously there were no problems with sending pictures, the first step that the user who encountered them should take is to check the connection quality.

Connection failure.

For those who use the home network, for this you need to restart the router. If communication is through a public network or 4G, you should go to another place where the signal will be stronger.

Number registration error

For this reason, photos may not be sent from those Vatsap users who have just registered in the application. This is because the account creation process did not work correctly or was not completed..

You can check if the problem is caused by registration violations by sending a text message to your number or to another subscriber who is on the network. If this does not work out, it is recommended that you follow these steps:

  • delete the created account;
  • uninstall the application from a smartphone;
  • Download Whatsapp again and install it;
  • re-register.

Problems with contacts in WhatsApp

If any message in Votsap, including the one containing the image, is not delivered to the addressee, this may indicate that this person has blacklisted the account from which it is sent..

Contacts in “WhatsApp”.

To make sure of this, you can send photos to other messenger users, check the status and profile of the subscriber who is unable to deliver the message.

Problems with sd card

There are 2 types of problems with a memory card:

  • the device is full;
  • microSD drive is damaged.

In the first case, the file is not sent, because Votsap cannot process it. For this action, the application needs free disk space. You can solve this problem by deleting some files permanently or moving them to the phone’s internal memory.

If the problem is caused by the fact that the device does not have enough resources, then you can solve it using the cleaning function. In most smartphone models, in order to launch it, you need to go to the “Settings” section and select the “Memory” or “Optimization” tab. The information stored on the device will not be lost. The device will select long-unused applications and close them, and also clear the cache. These actions will free up to 200 MB of memory..

You can determine that the image is not being sent because the memory card is damaged and is not available for recording information by saving a file not from Whatsapp to it. If this does not work, you must install a working storage device containing the desired file. In addition, you can format an existing drive. However, this action will lead to the loss of all information on it. Therefore, before sending the photo, you will need to re-record it.