Who created whatsapp

Every day, billions of people in the world use instant messengers and can no longer imagine their existence without them, but many do not know who created Vatsap. This application is one of the most downloaded and popular, and it enables people to communicate online through messages, audio and video..

Jan Kum – the creator of Watsap.

Whatsapp story

The founder of Vatsap was programmer Jan Kuma, who managed to develop a messenger after he was disturbed in training. Initially, he wanted to create a program where in the status it would be possible to celebrate his employment and a request that the person should not be disturbed.

The development of the messenger began at the time when Jan Kuma worked at Yahoo, and before that he met Brian Acton – a future partner on Whatsapp.

After several years of working with Yahoo, the future creators of the popular messenger quit and set off to travel the world, wasting their accumulated savings.

Once they wanted to get a job on Facebook, but to no avail. They were not taken. Friends continued to enjoy freedom and thought about what to devote their lives to. This happened until Yang acquired the Iphone. He was amazed at his capabilities, and he was especially interested in the AppStore app store..

Ian Kum with WhatsApp partner Brian Acton.

In those days, Jan often went to his Russian friend Alex Fishman, where large companies gathered, and talked about his new idea. He developed a mobile application in which you can see the status of people next to contacts. Fishman brought Jan with a specialist from Russia Igor Solomennikov, and soon WhatsApp Inc was created in California.

The initial version of Vots Up did not work well, and Ian was ready to admit that the idea could not be implemented, but he was helped by a happy accident. Apple has announced the launch of mobile app notifications at a time when the owner of the Iphone was not active. Ian quickly updated the version of his program, and all the functions that he invented began to work.

Biography of Jan Kuma

Vatsap developer Jan Kuma was born in a small village near Kiev in a simple family. His father worked as a builder, and his mother was a housewife. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, Jan and her mother emigrated to the United States, fearing anti-Semitic sentiments and political instability. Thanks to the social support program, they got a small apartment and settled in it. Jan’s father was unable to come and passed away in 1997..

Jan Kum on the founding of Watsap.

Mother Kuma brought with her a large number of Soviet notebooks and other office supplies, so as not to spend money on them in America. In the future, they came in handy to Jan in order to take notes in them about his new application. At first, the mother had to work as a nanny, and the future billionaire was cleaning the grocery store.

Soon, Kuma became interested in computer and became a programmer. At first he mastered programming on his own, and after a while he joined the hacker organization, which hacked the servers of large corporations.

Many dreamed of working at Yahoo, but not everyone succeeded. Jan was distinguished by his mind and unconventional thinking, so he was immediately taken to a company that was popular all over the world. For the sake of work, he quit the university, and when Yahoo began a black streak in 2007, Ian realized that it was time to quit and go on free swimming.

Jan Kuma said that he began to invent and created Vatsap, not counting on profit, because he wanted to get a quality application that will help people in different countries.

With this program, a person can communicate for free anywhere in the world. The possibilities of WhatsApp are endless, and this idea was realized thanks to the persistence and perseverance of Jan Kum. He is one of the richest people in the world, and his name and surname are famous among programmers.

Application Date

WhatsApp Application Interface.

The birthday of the messenger is considered February 24, 2009 – on the day when the developer company was registered. In the summer of the same year, the application’s functionality made it possible to correspond, which became an alternative to SMS messages.

Whats the secret to success

WhatsApp originally positioned itself as an analogue of free SMS messages. Gradually added audio and video communications, sending photos, videos and documents. The messenger is easy to use, does not require a long study and can be used even by a novice who is poorly versed in computers, tablets and smartphones. Vatsap is understandable to children and the elderly, it is translated into all languages ​​of the world, does not require payment and is available where there is Internet.

WhatsApp App Benefits

The main advantages of the messenger are as follows:

  • Works on many platforms: iOS, Android, Black Berry, Windows Phone, Nokia S40 and Nokian Simbian.
  • Since Vatsap is popular all over the world and installed by most users, each of them receives an automatic notification about the installation of any of the contacts in the phone book on the smartphone. Users can only start communication.
  • In the application, you can create group chats for communication or work. The name of the chat is indicated in the settings, the avatar is set as desired. Maximum number of participants – 256 people.
  • Free audio and video calls in the Internet access area.
  • Free sending of photos, video files and documents. The size of the sent file should not exceed 100 MB.
  • You can change the markup in messages in bold, italics, or crossed out.

Who owns the messenger now

On February 19, 2014, WhatsApp was sold to Facebook for $ 16 billion, and the messenger has since been owned by this company.