WhatsApp functionality for BlackBerry

Chatting via WhatsApp has become very popular. Almost every second smartphone owner has this messenger.. The most popular phone models are based on Android or iOS. But this is not the end of the mobile device market. There are not so popular, but no less worthy brands of phones, for example, BlackBerry. We will talk about them and WA for them in this article..

Features and description BlackBerry

BlackBerry – a smartphone from Canada, which is known worldwide as a phone for doing business.

This is due to the fact that:

  • it provides the maximum level of security of information transfer: mobile services in real time synchronize and encrypt the personal and corporate data of the owner, including the information transmitted to them via cellular;
  • simplified work with texts and message input;
  • economically consumes traffic, while messages are delivered instantly due to the data compression algorithm used;
  • You can work with dozens of different text and image editors.

REFERENCE. As a rule, blackberry operates on its own operating system, although you can find a number of models based on Android.

How to install whatsapp on blackberry

In 2018, Votsap refused to support devices with BlackBerry 10 and BBOS.

Do not be upset, there are ways to continue using WhatsApp on your BlackBerry phone, and we will tell you about them. But first, let’s talk about WA itself.

WhatsApp program feature

WhatsApp for BlackBerry.

Three main advantages of the WhatsApp messenger, which allowed him to gain popularity around the world:

  • Free chat.
  • Ease of use. The program menu is so convenient and “unfrozen” that even a small child can deal with it.
  • Availability on many types of smartphones (mainly based on Android and IOS).


Sometimes it seems that the possibilities of the Votsap application are endless. This is not that simple chat where people only communicate via SMS exchange. You can also send media files, voice messages, animations, emoji, make calls and video chats here..

The messenger allows you to create collective chats, maintain a blog, change profile settings, adding photos and status, as in popular social networks.


WA application is almost 10 years old, during this time about 100 versions of the program have accumulated and this is only for Androids. About the same number of options has an application for iOS. In addition, do not forget that before the developers supported Blackberry, Windows Phone.

The manufacturer WA is trying to correct errors, add new features and ensure stable operation of the application, compatible with various models of smartphones. This is due to a large number of versions.

REFERENCE. If possible, of course, you need to install the latest Votsap options. However, BB will have to look for an old version dating back to the time that Blackberry and Vosap collaborated with each other..

BlackBerry compatible

Features of using WhatsApp for BlackBerry.

On January 1, 2018, a message appeared on the official WA website that the messenger was stopping working with the blackberry platform: release updates and versions for new smartphone models.

However, you can still install Vatsap on Blackberry, but older versions, and no one guarantees their stable operation.

REFERENCE. The Android-based BlackBerry did not affect the situation in 2018. They still get support from official WhatsApp developers..

Step-by-step instruction

Before downloading the WA installation file to your phone, you need to consider the minimum requirements for the BlackBerry specification:

  • OS version – not lower than 6.
  • The BIS service must be connected (if you do not have BB10).

HELP: BIS is a service that supports sending and delivery of messages through various mails, instant messengers, etc. on the Internet.

Where can I download the program for free

The old version of WA is still being downloaded from the web store..

BlackBerry users are advised to contact the 1Mobile Market, which contains various applications available on Android devices:

  • Open the BB browser.
  • Follow the link http://market.1mobile.com/.
  • Choose a place to download the file and click “Save”.
  • Click on the downloaded .apk document and start the installation process..

How to download whatsapp

Now it’s time to download the messenger itself:

  • Go to 1Mobile Market.
  • Search for Votsap.
  • Click next to the icon of the application found on the arrow with the words “free.” Process started!

How to install the application

Install WhatsApp on BlackBerry.

After the messenger boots up, the BB installer will turn on. Click “Install,” then “Accept,” to start the installation process..

Upon completion of the procedure, the WhatsApp icon will appear on the phone with the BlackBerry.

Registration and connection

It remains only to create an account in order to start communication with the help of vatsap:

  • Click on the program icon.
  • Enter your phone number.
  • You will receive a confirmation code via SMS. Drive it into the desired field.
  • Done! Set up a profile and start chatting.

Benefits and features of WhatsApp for BlackBerry

Users of the Canadian Blackberry smartphone are not limited in their ability to get the most out of the “green chat” along with the owners of popular iPhones or androids:

  • correspondence;
  • group chats;
  • calls
  • video calling

– all this is available on WhatsApp on your BB phone.


Our article has come to an end, to summarize:

  • Free download of WhatsApp for Blackberry is possible, but only the old version, because since 2018, developers do not support BB.
  • The messenger will function, but updates are not available in this case.