WhatsApp for computer – how to install on different operating systems

WhatsApp is the most convenient messenger that allows you to support communication from almost any device with access to the Internet. Although the chat was originally designed exclusively for smartphones, the increased interest of users in the messenger pushed manufacturers to deploy the application on other electronic media, in particular on PCs. It can even be installed on a laptop.

You will learn how to start using WhatsApp on a computer from this article..

WhatsApp Benefits for Computer

Downloading Vatsap to a PC is as free as for a smartphone, which allows you to:

  • Receive and send SMS;
  • talk on audio and video;
  • participate in group chats;
  • share media files;
  • forward contacts.

And all this on a large screen, using a convenient keyboard and high speed Internet connection on a PC.

Where can I download

There is an official desktop version for the Votsap messenger. However, it is worth noting that only owners of the latest Windows and Mac operating systems can download WhatsApp to a computer..

Installation methods

Whatsapp for computer.

For users of older OSs, there is also the opportunity to enjoy chatting in green chat with a PC by installing special utilities or using the official web version.

Reference: the installed messenger will only function on the PC if there is a mobile version on the smartphone in which your account is registered.

Options of operating systems for installing WhatsApp for free on a computer

Now it’s time to learn how to install the American WhatsApp messenger on a computer, depending on the operating system used. For each OS, we have chosen, in our opinion, the best and most affordable way to install.

Windows 10

The owners of this OS are lucky. They can download the desktop version of the application from the official developers of the messenger.


  • Follow the link whatsapp.com (this is the official website of the user).
  • Find “Download” at the top and click.
  • Download the WhatsApp application to your computer. You will need to choose 32 or 64-bit.
  • Install the downloaded file following the instructions of the installer.
  • Launch the computer version of WA. A QR code will appear in a new window.
  • Open mobile in mobile.
  • Follow the ellipsis in the upper right corner.
  • Click WhatsApp Web. Scanner will open.
  • Scan the QR-code from the phone code on the PC.

Windows 7

WhatsApp for Windows computers is not suitable for all OS versions. In particular, the “seven” refers to the category of those OSes for which the official WA program is not available.

Do not be upset, because there is an option to use a special emulator (it creates on your PC an environment similar to the Android OS on a smartphone).

Help: the utility makes it possible to use the Vatsap messenger on a Windows 7 computer even when the vatsap is removed from the phone.

We offer to turn to the famous BlueStacks emulator.

The installation process is as follows:

  • On the official website, find and download the installation file of the program.
  • Run the utility.
  • Go through the process of authorizing a Google account tied to a mobile phone that uses a WhatsApp account.
  • Find Votsap in the search bar.
  • Download it.
  • Next, launch the messenger and scan the appeared QR code using your phone (for how to do this, see paragraphs 6–9 of the previous section of the article).

Attention: using the messenger using the utility does not provide proper data security and loads the work of the PC processor.

Windows 8

Windows 8, despite the appearance of the “dozens,” is also not considered an outdated version of the OS, so feel free to open the instructions from the Windows 10 section and install WA on your PC with the “eight”.

Windows XP

For XP, you will have to use the instructions from the section on Windows 7. This version of the OS is considered old, because the developers of WhatsApp did not bother to create a desktop version for it. I have to use the BlueStacks utility.


There is no computer version of Linux for Linux. Perhaps this is due to the low popularity of OSes among users compared to competing systems. However, on Linux, as well as on old Windows, it is allowed to download a program emulator or use a special messenger for Linux – Pidgin.

Help: Pidgin makes it possible to communicate in several systems at once, for example, VK, Skype, Classmates, including VotsAp.

  • The program is native to Linux. However, if it is not installed on your computer, download it here and install.
  • Launch Pidgin and respond to the offer to add an account with consent.
  • Next, select the WA protocol in the block that opens and enter the account username and password.

Mac OS

Apple WhatsApp product will only work on Mac OS 10.10 and later.

To start using the messenger on your PC:

  • Download it from the official website (in the menu bar “Download” select the version for Mac).
  • Double-click to open the downloaded file and follow the instructions of the installer.
  • Further, the algorithm of actions coincides with the procedure for Windows (see p. 5–9 for Windows 10).

Installation with and without telephone

Download Vatsap to your computer is not difficult, but run it without a smartphone will not succeed. The account in the messenger is tied to a phone number, which means to a mobile device with the corresponding SIM card.

In order to synchronize profiles on different devices, you will have to use a QR-code scanner, which is only functional in the mobile version of WA.

Work with WhatsApp Web for PC

A convenient way to communicate in a messenger with a PC – WhatsApp web on a computer. Unlike other desktop versions, this one is suitable for all OSs. The main thing is the availability of the Internet.

How to activate an account:

  • Launch WA on the phone.
  • Call the hidden menu by the ellipsis icon in the upper right corner.
  • Next – WhatsApp Web.
  • On the site of the site on your computer, you will see a QR code. Hover the open scanner from the mobile version on it..
  • Done! A messenger window will appear on the computer screen, the functional practically does not differ from the version on the smartphone.

Attention: there is no possibility for making regular and video calls in the web version.

WhatsApp Web Version for Computer.



There are three main options for using the instant messenger on a PC:

  • Official desktop version.
  • Emulator program.
  • Web option.

In this case, the official desktop program is supported only by the latest operating systems Mas (from 10.10) and Windows (from 8), and for Linux there is an additional opportunity to use the Pidgin utility.

The browser and desktop versions of the program are tied to the mobile version, therefore, when the phone is disconnected, they will not work.

The utility allows you to bypass attachment to a smartphone, but inferior to official versions in terms of load on system performance and data transfer security.