Whatsapp databases folder – what is it

Everyone faced the problem of lack of space on a smartphone. This situation forces to deal with the deep settings of the device. In the process, you may encounter an unfamiliar folder Databases WhatsApp; what it is, you need to know before you modify any files in it or delete them. Otherwise, you risk causing great damage to the system or data loss..

The Databases folder is always in the Whatsapp root directory.

What is this folder – Databases WhatsApp

Vatsap developers have tried to ensure maximum confidentiality for their users, so the messages of this messenger are not stored on shared servers. The history of conversations, photos and videos are in the cloud storage or in the smartphone’s memory. To do this, use the Databases folder. This is a kind of vatsap archive.

It contains all the backups, media files, text and voice messages that you sent or received from your interlocutors. This storage helps recover deleted messages or conversations when required.

How to get into Databases WhatsApp

The Databases folder is one of the root folders in the application. At standard settings, it is located in the internal memory of the device.

In order to enter it you need:

  • Launch the main menu on the smartphone.
  • Open Explorer or any other installed file manager.
  • Choose where you installed Vatsap: to internal or external memory.
  • Find the folder with the name of the application.
  • Open Databases.

After that, you can check the safety of the data, as well as view files, search and modify the necessary ones. This may be required, for example, to restore a deleted conversation..

Is it possible to remove it and is it worth it

This folder contains all backups, media files and other necessary information, therefore, it must be removed with great care. With inaccurate actions, you risk losing all correspondence, unless they are stored in the cloud. If you need to free up space on your smartphone or the program began to behave strangely and incorrectly, you still have to delete the folder.

It’s not recommended to delete a folder just like that – it will erase all the information about chats in vatsap. 

For problems with overloaded memory, it is not necessary to erase all WhatsApp data. You can clear the cache or use a special utility to delete unnecessary files, for example, CCleaner.

To do this, follow the steps below..

  • Install application.
  • Open it and wait a few seconds..
  • The main menu will appear on the screen. Run a memory scan by clicking on the “Analysis” button at the bottom of the screen.
  • After the internal and external memory of the smartphone is checked, the program will prompt you to choose what should be deleted. It is recommended to select all the items, since the application will only erase “garbage”: temporary folders, empty files, failed copies of photos. Necessary information, saved passwords or payment systems, installed applications will not be affected.
  • Having chosen the necessary one, click on the “Clear” item.

After a minute, the memory will be freed from garbage and extra data. This will allow you to use your smartphone without gross interference in the internal file system..

If this does not help, you must delete the contents of the Databases.

For this:

  • Open WhatsApp via Explorer.
  • Touch the desired item and hold until it is highlighted – a checkmark will appear on the left.
  • Click on “Delete” or the image of the trash can.

These actions will not harm the application: the folder will be automatically created again as soon as you select a place for backup. To do this, open the messenger and go to settings.

How to restore a folder

If the removal of Databases happened by accident or because of a virus, then you can quickly restore its contents only in the following ways:

  • when saving to the cloud, reinstall the application and select “Restore history”;
  • When saving content to removable media (USB flash drive, memory card or hard disk), copy the data to a newly appeared folder. Before that, delete the last backup created by Vatsap..

In all other cases, you will need to perform recovery through a special program installed on the PC, for example, Hitman Partition Recovery.

For this:

  • Download and install the utility on your computer.
  • Connect smartphone to PC.
  • Open the program and wait for the data to load.
  • Go to WhatsApp via Explorer.
  • Select the folder you are interested in and click the “Restore” button.

After a minute or two, the lost files will be returned to the phone. You just have to download and install the application again, restoring the message history.