What to do if WhatsApp is blocked

Information message for temporary blocking.

“Your Watsap number is blocked” – a similar message may suddenly interrupt the use of a popular messenger. The restriction on access to the application can be valid for a day, 2-3 days or indefinitely. What reasons prompt Whatsapp to ban users, and how to get around blocking in whatsapp?

What vatsap blocks phone numbers

When the messenger limits the user’s activity, a timer appears in the program, which reflects the remaining time until the ban is removed. In the meantime, using the application fails.

After unlocking, you can search for the cause. The watsap itself in this regard is limited to a standard comment (like this: “access is restricted due to violation of the terms of service”). Among the main reasons are:

  • Sending a large number of messages to a user who does not have your number in the contact list. The system suspects the subscriber of unauthorized newsletter.
  • Sending prohibited messages – extremist, obscene, with insults on the basis of gender, race, nationality, etc..
  • Mass mailing of one message to many subscribers. The system defines this action as spam..
  • A single number being blacklisted by several users in a short period of time. The messenger believes that one subscriber bothers another, for which a ban is set.
  • Creating multiple groups or channels where the admin adds users not from the contact list. This action also leads to account suspension..
  • Using unofficial additional versions of the messenger.
  • Long absence in the program (over six months).
  • Illegal communication on behalf of another person.
  • Violation of property rights.

Mass mailing is one of the reasons for blocking a subscriber.

The first violation of the rules is punished by disconnecting the subscriber from the system for 24 hours. Repeated misconduct is punishable by a longer ban – for 48 or 72 hours. If the subscriber continues his “pranks”, then he will be blocked, and this time indefinitely.

How to unlock your phone number in vatsap

Whatsapp lock bypass options

The ban in the messenger can be temporary or permanent. In the first case, the lock is removed after 1-3 days. In the second case, resuming communication in the program will be problematic.

How to bypass whatsapp temporary lock

If access to the program is suspended temporarily – for a day or 2-3 days, it is easier to wait until the ban is removed. After that, it’s better to communicate with the interlocutors more carefully – to avoid indecent words and not to send identical messages to several accounts at the same time.

You can try to find out which of your friends has blacklisted your number. Perhaps this was a misunderstanding. If everything happened by chance, you can find out the relationship and continue to communicate. If you unblock a contact in whatsapp, only current messages will come.

How to get around vatsap permanent lock

An indefinite ban can be tried to be removed only with the help of cardinal actions:

  • Write to tech support. If the reason for the blocking is insignificant (for example, a long absence of the subscriber in the WhatsApp), you need to wait for the administration to respond and perform the proposed actions. You may need to re-verify the phone number or reinstall the messenger.
  • Delete and restore your account. If communication with tech support did not work, you can completely deactivate your account in the program and then uninstall Whatsapp from the device. After that, you should reinstall the application by finding it in the Play Market (for Android gadgets) or in the AppStore (for iOS technology), and register in the system with your phone number.
  • Reset. If the previous methods did not help, you can return to the factory settings of the device by deleting all programs and accounts, then reinstall Whatsapp from the application store and register in it.
  • New number. If all the contacts are stored on the phone and it is only important to restore communication with them, then you can buy a new SIM card from the service provider. Yes, you’ll have to forget the old number and account, but you can start all over from scratch.
  • Full update. Sometimes replacing a SIM card does not save you from a ban – the program identifies your device in the system and blocks it even with a new SIM card. If the desire to communicate in the messenger outweighs everything else, then you will have to go to the extreme measure – purchase a new gadget and a new SIM card, install Whatsapp from the application store and establish all your old connections from the new account. This method is not cheap, but if communication is worth it, then why not use it.

Locking in the messenger is an unpleasant event, but it can be circumvented. It’s enough to have desire, patience and financial capabilities.