What is WhatsApp Web and how to use it

The green messenger created for communication is installed on phones and computers. It is pleasant to work with the desktop version: the user has a more convenient keyboard for quick typing of messages, the computer monitor has a larger telephone display, so long letters do not occupy the entire screen. If you do not want to litter PC memory, open the web version of Vatsap!

What is WhatsApp Web

Vatsap Web – browser version of Vatsap. It is also called a web client. The web version copies dialogs from a smartphone and displays them on a computer monitor.

What are the features of the version

The browser version of the messenger works with a stable Internet connection. As soon as the connection on the computer or phone is interrupted, the information stops synchronizing. File exchange between devices does not occur and you can use the program only on a smartphone.

Previously, the web client was available only in the Google Chrome browser, now it can be used on all known services: Yandex.Browser, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Tor Browser and others.

Pros and features of the application

There is a desktop version of Vatsap on the Internet. If you do not want to spend time downloading and installing the application from the official site, find the browser version of the messenger.

Setup algorithm

Download whatsapp web.

Open your browser first. After that, activate the search bar by left-clicking on it. Enter “whatsapp web” and log in to the first site that the search engine will return.

Next, launch the messenger from the phone and open the code scanner. Point the camera at the QR code in the computer. After these steps, the web client will start.

Where can I download

Watsapp Web can be downloaded from the browser version of the green messenger – website web.whatsapp.com.

How to install

The system will offer to scan a QR code. This is a two-dimensional barcode in which different information is encoded. The phone’s camera reads black and white “squares” and then goes to a specific site, adds a new contact to the address book or displays a text block – it all depends on the information in the matrix.

We need a QR to log in to your Vatsap account.

  • Launch WhatsApp on your phone.
  • Open the code scanner. To do this, tap on three points in the upper right. In the menu that appears, select “WhatsApp Web”.
  • You will be taken to the section where all the web client logins from the computer are displayed. Tap on the plus in the upper right.
  • On the Web.WhatsApp.com website, scan the QR code: point the camera at the matrix in the computer.

After the process is completed, dialogs and a reminder “Do not disconnect from the network” will appear on the screen. Messenger connects for free.

Requirements for Using WhatsApp Web

For the successful work of the green messenger:

  • Download the latest version of your favorite browser;
  • install Whatsap on the phone. If you do not, then do not log into your account from the computer;
  • connect to stable internet.

The program is not installed on all smartphones. Officially, developers support iOS and Android. Until January 1, 2020, Vatsap will remain in the Windows Phone app store. If you have a phone with a different operating system, the messenger is downloaded from third-party sources.

PC operating system can be any – Linux, Windows, Mac.

How to communicate in the program

Communication in the browser version is similar to telephone.

You can:

  • exchange text, video messages and “voices”;
  • make audio and video calls;
  • share photos, videos, documents.

Add emotions to the message with emojis and text smiles.

What to do if you can’t connect

QR code scanning.

Cannot scan the QR code – check the camera on the phone. If you do not focus and the image is blurry, the computer will generate an error. Click on the code – the picture will be clear.

To avoid problems with your Internet connection, connect to a Wi-Fi network. Internet outages cause a login error.


The main advantage of Watsapp’s Web for a computer is the ability to quickly type on a large keyboard. No need to torment by clicking on the phone screen. The messenger is installed the same way for all operating systems. What phone you have – Samsung or iPhone, Android or IOS – also does not matter. Downloading it from the Internet is not required – you just need to open the site.

The minus is the idea with which developers approached the implementation of the application. After setting up the web version, the smartphone should still remain connected to the Internet, otherwise it is impossible to use the messenger.


Vatsap Web is the same Vatsap as on the phone and tablet, with the same functions of calls and sending messages. Your smartphone must always be “online” for the messenger on your computer and laptop to work. Code scanning takes a few seconds.

If you can’t connect, check your Internet connection. There is only one true link – web.whatsapp.com.