What is Whatsapp business api

Developed by the creators as one of the tools of business information support, WhatsApp API appeared on the market on August 1, 2018. Whatsapp today is an application with 1.7 billion active users per month. Up to 70 billion messages are sent via messenger per day. Access to such an audience and the ability to embed mass mailings in any software create new conditions for promoting a brand or company.

What is the value of Vatsap API for business

Whatsapp api – the perfect business tool.

Using the API gateway, which provides interaction with external resources, allows you to:

  • to convey to customers information about the company: the scope of its activities, service capabilities, address and contact details;
  • organize a high-speed communication system;
  • promptly convey information to customers;
  • provide support in resolving problems and issues that arise at any stage of the transaction (from preliminary acquaintance to operations for payment and delivery of goods or services);
  • Create templates for high-speed HSM sending
  • track statistics to determine business results.

The audience engagement indicator is almost 100% readability, in 40% of cases, subscribers respond to messages sent. This creates the conditions under which the business will be able to cover the maximum expanded customer base..

Which number can be connected

For official notifications, each of the WhatsApp business account must have one of two numbers associated with it:

Whatsapp business api needs a new account to connect.

  • City, with a code (for example, +7 (495), when connected, you need to make a call from Vatsap to set up your account.
  • Mobile of any operator (for example, +7 (928).

Toll-free numbers with the encoding 8 (800) are not available for connection, because without the country identification code they cannot be recognized by the system. It will not work to attach the already used phone number. API integration requires an account that has not been previously activated or has not been activated in the messenger for the past 6 months.

How to access the WhatsApp Business API

For integration into the messenger, you must submit an application indicating the purpose of using the API and the estimated number of messages per day. Connection is possible only after the approval of WhatsApp, but while the service is working in test mode, extremely strict requirements are imposed on companies applying for account verification.

Whatsapp business api is available only to large companies.


  • large companies and brands that have established themselves at the global level;
  • CRM platforms developing business solutions.

Access is possible only after verification (confirmation) of the business account.

Can block an account

The account is locked immediately as soon as a violation of the rules established by the developers is detected by the user. This includes sending promotional content and promotional messages. The policy of Vatsap managers is directed against spam in the information space of the application, and this is strictly monitored by the administration and technical support service. The violation is determined by the level of user locks. If it is constantly above the average or sharply jumps to peak values, then this is a reason to check.

Aggressiveness and obsession of the service can also be interpreted as hidden advertising and lead to account blocking. In addition, they can also be banned for contacting to integrate APIs to unofficial platforms. Using a third-party product is contrary to Vatsap’s rules, and those found to be abused are automatically punished.

What messages can be sent and what can they contain

Information disseminated for business purposes must meet either the needs of the client or his expectations. Messages can contain documented text, a picture, an audio file. The accompanying use of emoji is acceptable.

Whatsapp business api requires pattern matching.

HSM content is limited to:

  • trigger and system messages to Vatsap chats;
  • notifications of the progress of the operation or activation of the service;
  • delivery statuses of goods;
  • payment messages;
  • notifications of discounts, promotions and expected events in the company;
  • appointments, reservations, etc..

In all cases, matching patterns is required.. Variables such as time, date, form of payment receipt, its methods, etc. can be used. Text may be formatted (classic, bold, strikethrough, italics).

How many messages per second can be sent

The current sending limit at Vatsap is 15 HSM per second.

How much will the mailing cost

Using Api – a service requiring payment. But so far, its cost has not been indicated, and prices are made up of the cost of sending messages (in each country there are different tariffs) and the rules of communication adopted by Vatsap. According to them, if a client contacted the company first, then it has a corridor of 24 hours, during which it can send out information of interest, answer questions, and provide technical support for free. If the initiator of the dialogue is a business account, each SMS is paid in accordance with existing tariffs..


How to sign a customer and send a newsletter

Before sending messages to potential customers, the business account must comply with the main rule – to obtain the official consent of the user to such cooperation at Vatsap. This is indicated in the form agreed upon with the service representatives on the site, in e-mail or SMS.

Distribution can be carried out according to customers who contacted the support service of the company, but only if in the dialogue they gave their consent. The number of users is allowed to increase by SMS, emails, etc. At the same time, WhatsApp can be specified as an information channel.

Thus, the launch of mass mailing is possible only after obtaining user consent and approval of the template by the messenger.

What a subscription should look like for a user

The form, in addition to personal and contact user data that interests the company, must necessarily have an explanation of what the client will receive as a result of the subscription. He should be given the opportunity to choose the types of notifications that he would like to receive at Vatsap. And also in the form must be present information about the inadmissibility of advertising campaigns and compliance of the agreement with the requirements of the messenger.

One way to subscribe is to use a QR code.

WhatsApp monitors compliance by monitoring the number of claims. Exceeding the average results leads to a check of the company for compliance with the requirements.

How to post a feedback button on the website via WhatsApp

For simplified user contacting Vatsap technical support, it is recommended to create a “Direct Connection” button on the page. This is a function that in one click allows you to create a link that automatically opens a chat with the right person. It works on both the phone and WhatsApp Web. Sometimes a widget is used that has a newsletter subscription button.