What is spam on Whatsapp

Many people know what spam is in Vatsap, but not everyone understands how to block it. Some advertising companies use mass mailing, which promotes the promotion of goods. Notifications are often sent by scammers who want to lure the audience to web sites.

Spam includes intrusive advertising messages distributed in the messenger.

What is spam?

The “Spam” category includes advertising comments that offer to click on the link, send text to several friends.

Intrusiveness interferes with the normal operation of the messenger, because users install the application for communication protected from advertising.

Why spam on Whatsapp

Certain mailing lists in Watsap are distributed due to the following reasons:

  • Entertainment.
    Messages of this nature are often sent by users of childhood.
  • Fraud.
    The letter contains a link, upon clicking on which a notification appears about the need to deposit funds to pay Vatsap subscription. Such actions are illegal, because all the functions of the application are provided to users free of charge..
  • Fundraising for the treatment of patients, assistance to people in difficult situations.
    Such mailings are now rare.

Fraudsters should be especially wary.

Whats spam in whatsapp rules

Messages can come from numbers contained in the contact list, as well as from unauthorized subscribers.

They provide false information that misleads the user..

Application developers preserve caution when receiving messages that have these symptoms:

  • the presence of grammatical errors, replacement of characters or typos in the text;
  • the presence of a link to a third-party source;
  • the presence of a request to provide personal data, for example, a bank card number;
  • the presence of a proposal to send letters to other people or follow the link;
  • cash notification.

How spammers got your number

Fraudsters extract personal user data by infecting devices with malicious codes that open access to information.

Another way is to hack the interlocutor’s page, from which they continue to send unnecessary messages.

How to avoid this in the future

In the future, the following actions will help to avoid spammers attack:

  • Refusal to follow links. Fraudsters often offer to visit a site where they require updates to Vatsap. Application developers do not send such messages, clicking on the link does not update the messenger. A visit to the site contributes to the disappearance of funds on the balance of the phone.
  • Delete messages that offer testing of new WhatsApp features. Visiting an advertising site leads to a subscription to an advertising newsletter.
  • Refusal to purchase premium tariffs. In this case, the user receives a message requiring a response. When answering, the user automatically activates an unnecessary service.
  • Opt-out of WhatsApp Public. The application monitors user contacts and provides the ability to read messages to third parties.

How to block spam

The locking method is selected in accordance with the type of device on which the WhatsApp is installed..

On iphone

To block unnecessary mailings on iPhone, perform the following actions:

  • Launch the application, select the contact where the spam came from..
  • Having opened a window with information about the interlocutor, they find the function “Report spam.” A menu will open in which a confirmation message appears..
  • Press the “OK” key. After that, the selected person will not be able to send messages or media files..

Blocking spam on Android and iPhone is similar – developers need to report it.

On Android

Before you begin, download the updated version of the messenger, which will allow you to use the newsletter blocking function

In the chat list, select the desired number. When you hold your finger on the screen, the options “Report spam” and “Add contact” will appear. The first function is used, after which the system asks to confirm the action. After pressing the “OK” key, the interlocutor will not be able to interact with the user.