What does it mean to wait for a message in WhatsApp

All users are wondering what to do if the message “Waiting for a message” appeared on WhatsApp, and how to read the “hung” message. However, only the sender can fix it, because the cause of this problem is a violation of the end-to-end encryption process. The addressee is not able to influence the situation..

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Message Waiting: What does it mean

If the WhatsApp user sees the “Message Waiting” error, then he does not need to take any action to eliminate it. This situation is completely dependent on the sender of the message..

The user must be online so that end-to-end encryption passes according to the established rules, and the message is delivered to the addressee.

If a person pressed the transfer button and disconnected from the network before the process was completed, the information is not encoded. Data processing will resume when it reappears on the Internet. Only after that the message will reach the recipient.

Reinstalling the messenger by one of the subscribers will help increase the time required for encryption. It changes the security code assigned to the chat..

Error “Message Waiting”.

What is end-to-end encryption?

End-to-end encryption is a process that ensures the privacy of WhatsApp messages. Thanks to him, the transmitted data cannot be intercepted..

Each message has a unique key, therefore the information is not available even for messenger developers and employees ensuring the operation of its servers.

Each chat created (both group and consisting of 2 contacts) is assigned its own security code. This happens by default. No additional steps are required to activate the protection..

End-to-end encryption is a prerequisite for the secure transfer of information using WhatsApp. It acts constantly, and you cannot disable it. The Confirm Code screen, which can be found in the contact data, is used only to verify the operation of this function..

End-to-end encryption became available to iPhone owners and users of Android gadgets in June 2016. Anyone who installs later versions will use it by default..

The only way to avoid using encryption is to find an older release of the messenger. However, in this case, the user may encounter an incorrect application.

End-to-end encryption of business accounts

Messages from correspondence with business accounts are also encrypted, which means they can not get to third parties.

A feature of correspondence with companies is as follows:

  • companies may appoint several employees responsible for communication;
  • organizations are entitled to engage intermediaries that provide dialogue with customers.

Therefore, a user who communicates with an interlocutor using a business account must be prepared for more than one person to see his message. However, you should not be afraid that fraudsters will take possession of the information contained in the conversation.

Each company establishes its own privacy policy, binding on all people who have access to information transmitted by contractors.

End-to-End Encryption Notification.

How to solve the “Message Waiting” problem

If the WhatsApp messenger generated a “Message Waiting” error, the user will not be able to fix this situation on his own. He will have to postpone reading until the sender of the missed message appears on the network again and activates the application. Only after this, the interrupted transfer in the middle will be completed.

You can speed up this process yourself by contacting this subscriber through other channels and reporting a failure..