What do checkboxes mean in Whatsapp messages

WhatsApp is a convenient tool for communicating via the Internet and one of the most popular instant messengers. Using the application, you can send free messages without restriction. Often a novice user has various questions when sending a letter, for example, if there is one checkmark in WhatsApp: what does this mark mean, is the message delivered and read by the recipient.

Checkmarks in Watsap.

What are checkmarks in WhatsApp

These are indicators that allow the user to track the status of the sent message. It can be textual, and may also contain different materials: photograph, video, music, document, contact. Checkmarks, or birds, appear when sending a personal SMS to an interlocutor or to a group. They are located next to the text of the correspondence with the subscriber, to the right of the time in the lower corner of the message. There are no such indicators in incoming messages.

The user can see the following symbols:

  • one gray tick;
  • two gray checkmarks;
  • two blue checkmarks.

One gray checkmark

Such a symbol means that the message has been sent to the WhatsApp server, but has not yet been delivered to the subscriber. The reason for the long sending may be the lack of Internet at the recipient or a disconnected phone. Since SMS is already on the server, even with the sender’s smartphone turned off, it will be delivered to the interlocutor. If he blocked the sender, the letter will not be delivered until unlock.

Two gray checkmarks

This means that the message is delivered to the recipient. He received a notification of the letter, but has not yet read it. In a group chat, this icon indicates that the text has been delivered to all participants in the conversation, but not yet read by all.

Two blue checkmarks

They will appear when the recipient, having opened the application, reads the message sent to him. If the message is read in a pop-up notification, so that the birds change color, the interlocutor needs to open an SMS. The recipient can also disable read reports by changing the privacy settings of the application. Then the birds will remain the same color. In group chats, the checkmarks will turn blue when all the participants in the conversation read the text sent to them.

WhatsApp Clock Icon

When you click on the send email button, a gray clock icon appears next to it. This suggests that this message is now “leaving” the recipient. To complete the operation, since the message has not yet been saved on the WhatsApp server, it is necessary that the smartphone is connected to the Internet before one gray bird appears. If the clock icon is present for a long time, you need to check the device’s connection to the Internet.

Other types of badges

The application has other types of icons, which have useful additional functions. In addition, they provide the user with important information. When you select SMS (you need to hold it with your finger for a while), at the top of the messenger window there will be options for various functions that can be applied to selected messages:

  • Left arrow. The function allows you to answer the SMS that the user selected.
  • Star. If you click on this icon, the letter is included in the list of favorites. With this function, the selected messages will be saved and quick access will be established to them..
  • Trash bin. By clicking on the basket, you can delete the message from the correspondence of both interlocutors. You can apply this function only until the first 7 minutes have passed since the letter was sent. After this time, SMS can only be deleted from the sender’s chat. Then it is already impossible to restore the message.
  • Right arrow. By clicking on it, you can send the text from the chat to another subscriber.

In addition to these functions, when sending SMS, a round red icon with an exclamation mark may appear. This can happen if sending or encryption fails. You must check the network connection and resend the letter by selecting “Resend”.

You can find out about the SMS delivery status not only with the help of birds, but also by viewing additional information. To get information, you need to open the menu, highlighting the desired message.

If you click on the round icon with the Latin letter i, the time of sending, receiving and reading the marked message will be displayed.

WhatsApp app contains many useful features. The creators of the messenger made sure that it was as easy as possible for the user to master it, and checkmarks-indicators would help to make sure that the message was delivered to the recipient and read by him.