What are bots in WhatsApp and how to create it yourself

The definition of “chat bot” was coined by Michael Molding, who called the virtual assistant program. Simple development analyzed the text and answered on the topic. Whatsapp bot is a modern product for business pages. Such a program can already do much more than its predecessors..

Modern product for business pages.

What are bots for WhatsApp

WhatsApp Bot simulates communication with a person. Through the messenger you can configure the first line of technical support for users, give automatic answers to frequently asked questions, advise visitors to the site, conduct contests and surveys. More sophisticated features are available, but in practice they are less often required. This can be a database search, automatic sales or payment acceptance. Many work through the channel whatsapp api for data transfer.

Software for the messenger will take on part of the repetitive business tasks: the same type of dialogue with customers, consultations, receiving resumes, organizing business trips, recording events, accepting delivery orders. Using this tool, you can create a customer base without a landing page and save on the cost of lead (person interested in a product or service).

Answers to all questions.

Types of Whats Bots

Bots are simple, that is, performing a programmed number of actions. They provide information on typical issues using elements of artificial intelligence. The latter have the ability to learn and have a full dialogue.

Alexey Mogilnikov, founder of ConfBot, gives another classification. The developer identifies interface bots that interact through pictures and buttons, and programs that accept commands in a natural language.

Answering machines

Simple programs can answer most of the questions that users turn to support services. The answering machine is simple. The function is available only on smartphones on Android, for iOS it is impossible to implement such an option for technical reasons..


Spammers automatically generate a contact file, register accounts, select random nicknames and photos, send out text, and save templates. The mailing formats are different: text, file, image, a bunch of text and images, text and file. It is important that the distribution is carried out by interested users. A program can be banned for spam.

Assistance to the client in various fields.

Assistants, trainers, reminders, search for goods and services

Using a simple program, you can order a taxi or food, book plane or train tickets, or buy goods. For example, the Ebay bot forms an order, clarifies details and offers options. The program can direct the client to the site to make a purchase: payment and receive electronic confirmation. This reduces the burden on specialists..

Entertaining games, quizzes

Entertaining content is in demand. Bots provide the user with fresh news, games, wishes, poems, postcards, quizzes, jokes.

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Setting up communication via chat is required for automatic answers to common questions and consultations. Virtual assistants are developed not only by professionals, but also by ordinary users. In the latter case, designers are used with the settings brought to maximum efficiency.


You can buy a bot program in a studio that specializes in web development and offers promotion services, or from a freelancer. Izzibot company is creating landing pages for Vatsap representing any type of business. There are many designers in which you can choose the functionality of the need and affordable budget.


With a small budget, you can make such software yourself, but its capabilities and options will be greatly limited. Special designers, for example botmother, bot-kit, will help. The last platform is paid, but there is a trial period of use.


Chatbots help businesses: according to a study by the marketing agency Drift, only 7% of international firms answer customer questions in 5 minutes, and more than half (55%) do not answer for 5 days or more.

Bots reduce expectations: in the medical and financial sectors, they respond 4 minutes faster than call center operators or support staff on sites.

Webbankir CEO Andrei Ponomarev reported on the results of the implementation of the technology. He said that over the month received 30% fewer emails, three times less calls and 15% – messages to chat. Clients used the bot in the messenger 25% more often than other communication channels combined. So, within one month, the load on employees decreased by one and a half times.

Programs can be used to increase sales. It is much more convenient to send a request to the messenger than to look for a product in the catalog. The chatbot (though not at Vatsap, but at Telegram) helped increase the number of orders for the Papa Jones network. In the three months since the introduction of the technology, users placed more than 5 thousand orders, and the conversion rate reached 30%. The average bill was 7.5% less than when sold through other channels.

Bots can be used to collect information about the audience, analyze the history of requests and purchases, and search for more relevant stocks and products. The ad service Yula, for example, has launched a software solution for finding lots. The software searches for ads by the selected parameters, the user’s location, over time it starts to produce more accurate results based on the search history.

How to connect bot chat to WhatsApp

Simple instruction and fast work.

The most common solution is Chat Helpdesk. After registration, the user receives simple instructions and access to the operator interface. From one number several operators can work simultaneously (with differentiated rights), which speeds up the work. Additionally, you can upload statistics and reports to a third-party drive. These basic options are available in trial mode. To get full access, just contact the developers of the program through the site.

Create an experienced specialist.

Instructions on how to make a bot yourself

It is now impossible to create a full-fledged bot program, because the messenger does not have an open API for third-party developers. In the fall of 2017, the official website announced the creation of a special WhatsApp add-on for business. It was expected that the application will be able to create special software. There is no new information about this yet..

There are several ready-made solutions that are created by experienced programmers using the scripting language PHP to perform typical business tasks. To save money, you can try to figure out the bot designer.

How to edit

Only experienced developers can create a bot in WhatsApp on their own. On request, such specialists can not only write a program for the tasks assigned, but also edit an existing one.

Ready-made solutions

Several ready-made bots for the Vatsap messenger:

  • AutoResponder. Automatic replies to messages. The program can be downloaded for free on Google Play.
  • Sequel. Game designer for entertainment purposes. Based on the available templates, you can make an interactive quiz. It is possible to integrate with third-party services.
  • Imperson Free bot designer for sending images, videos, files, text, voice messages.

WhatsApp bot is not a standalone tool that should be used in conjunction with others to achieve maximum efficiency. Such a program allows you to increase profits without investment.