Install and use WhatsApp on Windows XP

Despite the fact that today Windows XP is not so popular, and the OS has even lost support from its developer, Microsoft, there are still adherents and supporters of this OS. It is for them that this article describes how to install WhatsApp on Windows XP.

Features of WhatsApp for Windows XP

Features of WhatsApp for Windows XP.

For the “old woman” XP there is no official WhatsApp installation file from the developer. The program is available only for the new generation of Windows since its eighth version..

But users of the OS under consideration are not deprived of the opportunity to communicate in green chat from a computer. To do this, they can use the legal web version of the chat.

Browser Version Benefits

The WhatsApp Web Version Has Both Benefits and Significant Disadvantages.

“+” “-“
no need to waste time downloading and installing the program no call
does not take up memory on a PC no video chat
full data synchronization between browser version and smartphone To be notified, the tab must always be open.
big screen Do not log in without a phone, but this process must be repeated periodically
a keyboard on which it is convenient to type sms if the cellphone is down or disconnected, WA will not work on the computer
fast internet

Instructions for downloading and installing the WhatsApp application on Windows XP

The desktop version of Votsap is suitable for the operating system Windows 8 and later. What remains for XP owners? First of all, the already mentioned web version, and secondly – the ability to download WhatsApp on a PC for Windows XP using the Blue Stacks emulator program.

Using the web interface

WhatsApp web on a Windows XP computer is easy to run.

Scan QR code on the phone.

You don’t have to install anything for this, you only need a phone with a messenger and a registered account, access to the Internet and any browser:

  • We follow the link to the official website of the web version of the messenger.
  • In the main window you will see a QR code.
  • Now run the application on your phone.
  • Next, click on the three dots in the upper right corner.
  • Click on the line “WhatsApp Web”.
  • The page with a QR scanner will open.
  • Point your phone lens at the barcode in your PC window.
  • That’s all! Now you can start using WhatsApp on a Windows XP computer.

Using the Blue Stacks Emulator

This method is complicated, but worth it because:

  • The application will be downloaded and installed directly on your PC..
  • Unlike the desktop version for the new Windows and browser options, calls and video calls will be available here.
  • Vatsap installed in this way works without support for the mobile version of the application.

The emulator program is aimed at creating an environment on the computer similar to that which exists on Android phones. It is this adaptation of the PC system for Android that makes it possible to download and install WhatsApp as if on a smartphone.

  • Download and install Bluestacks. You can find the installation file here.
  • Sign in by authorizing your Google Play account.
  • When you have done this, you will see the familiar menu of the Play Market store, which you met on the phone.
  • In the search bar, enter WhatsApp.
  • Next, click “Install”.
  • If everything went well, the notification “Welcome to Votsap” will appear on the screen..
  • You will need to log in using the QR scanner, which is located in the WA menu (ellipsis icon) in the “WhatsApp Web” column of your gadget.

Attention: although the utility allows you to download Vatsap to a computer for Windows XP, this can significantly affect the stable operation of the system, because the program takes up a lot of space in RAM. You also need to understand that this is an unofficial product of the messenger developer, therefore, you yourself are responsible for the security of your data.

How to use the program on a computer

Using WhatsApp on PC.

Using WhatsApp on a PC is not difficult, because it is no different from manipulating the mobile version.

The web version of the application allows you to write and receive text messages, send emoji, share media files, manage profile settings, and send voice SMS.

And the version obtained using the program adds video and regular calls to the list of features.

The interface of the application installed on the computer does not differ from the phone WhatsApp, because the functionality does not seem unfamiliar to you.


We figured out where to start using the popular Votsap messenger on Windows XP.

To summarize:

  • Version for PC with Windows XP from developers does not exist.
  • There are two ways to use WhatsApp on a PC: a web version or an emulator program.
  • WhatsApp Web only works when the mobile phone is turned on with a registered account and does not include the “call” and “video chat” options.
  • The program allows you to make video and regular calls and is not tied to a smartphone, but at the same time affects the stability of the device and does not ensure the security of data transfer.