How to view the archive in Whatsapp

Users often have questions after activating the Archive function in Vatsap, how to view the correspondence and how to return it to the main screen. The procedure, as well as instructions for deleting messages, vary depending on the operating system of the gadget.

Archived Chats.

What does it mean to archive at Votsap

The term “archive” in “Vatsap” has a meaning that differs from the generally accepted one. When this function is activated, data compression does not occur, leading to the release of space in the device’s memory. This action allows you to only hide the dialog from the main page of the application.

Archiving in WhatsApp is useful when many chats are created in the application. It makes it possible to remove rarely used conversations, which makes it easier to find the necessary dialogs. In this case, the text of the hidden correspondence is saved, it can be returned to the list of active.

Where archived data is saved

The contents of the dialogs hidden in the WhatsApp archive remain in the gadget’s memory. They are not migrated to cloud servers, therefore, correspondence can be pulled out even when offline. Videos and other files that were downloaded from this conversation will still be available in the media gallery.

Archiving a separate chat in Vatsap

On Android

To archive a conversation when using the gadget on Android, you need:

  • Go to the first screen of the messenger.
  • Press the dialogue and hold until the menu appears at the top of the screen.
  • Tap on the archive icon, which is a square with a downward arrow.

On iPhone

For iPhone owners, the steps are as follows:

  • Open application.
  • Find the desired dialogue and conduct it (swipe) from right to left.
  • In the menu that appears, select “Archive”.

In addition, on the gadgets from Apple, you can tap the “Chats” icon, select several conversations and click “Archive”.

Archiving all chats

To remove all groups and individual conversations from the main screen on Android, you need:

  • being on the main page of the application, click the icon with 3 dots;
  • in the menu that appears, select “Settings”;
  • tap on the “Chats” section;
  • Go to the Chat History tab
  • select “Archive all chats”.

On iPhone, the steps are identical. The only difference is that the “Settings” menu is called up by clicking the gear icon at the bottom of the screen to the right.

How to recover messages from Vatsap archive

You can read hidden correspondence without extracting it to the main screen. Just go to the section containing hidden conversations and open the desired one..

If the person with whom the chat was sent to the archive sends a new message, the dialogue will be automatically extracted by the messenger and transferred to the list of active.

How to unzip chat on WhatsApp on iPhone

To independently transfer archived correspondence to the list of active ones, an iPhone user needs:

  • being in the main menu, in the line “Search” indicate the name of the conversation or a quote from the messages contained in it;
  • swipe to the left by the dialogue found;
  • click the “From archive” button.

On Android

If the user wants to return the archived dialog to the WhatsApp main screen, he needs to:

  • open the application;
  • Scroll through the list of conversations to the very end;
  • click on the blue inscription “In the archive” to enter it;
  • in the list of dialogs that appears, click on the desired one, hold until the menu appears;
  • click on the icon with an arrow pointing up.

How to delete an archive

Conversations moved to the Vots-apa archive and dialogs from the main screen are deleted according to one principle..

If you need to delete the “Vatsapa” group chat, then you must first exit it. This can be done through the main menu or through an open conversation. In both cases, you will need to click the ellipsis icon and select the desired item. After that, the Delete Group button will be available in the same menu..


To remove the dialogue on the gadget with the Android operating system, you need:

  • go to the “Archive” section, where all hidden conversations are located;
  • find the necessary correspondence;
  • click on it and hold until the menu appears;
  • tap on the icon in the form of a garbage can;
  • confirm the action in the appeared dialog box by clicking on the “OK” button.


IOS gadget users can remove unwanted chat as follows:

  • find unnecessary dialogue through the line “Search” or flipping through conversations moved to the archive;
  • swipe on the chat to be erased;
  • click on the ellipsis sign;
  • in the menu that appears, select the “Delete” section;
  • confirm action.

Deleting a conversation, unlike archiving, is an irreversible step.

Despite the fact that a dialogue with this contact can be created again, lost information cannot be returned. Re-downloading it from the application servers also fails. All data is deleted immediately after delivery to the addressee..

Archiving chats on iPhone.