How to view deleted messages in WhatsApp

Hastily deleting data from web applications can be difficult if you do not keep it in a safe place. The WhatsA messenger regularly copies the received information to the smartphone’s memory. Its users have no problems with how to read deleted messages in WhatsApp, if after that no more than a week has passed.

Viewing deleted messages on WhatsApp is pretty easy..

How to view deleted messages in WhatsApp

To read the old chat with messages that were sent no more than 7 days ago and erased, you will need to remove the program and install it again.

Separate algorithms are offered for different versions of platforms..


To view the correspondence on the iPhone, you must perform the following actions:

  • Remove WhatsApp using the application manager. To do this, hold your finger on the application icon, then click on the cross that appears.
  • Reinstall the messenger again. At the beginning of the process, a request for information recovery will appear. Confirm this action. The operation uses the archive in whatsapp, placed in the device’s memory.
  • After installation, restart the program.
  • Make sure the dialogs of interest are restored..


To restore data on Android, you need to use the following algorithm:

  • Go to general phone settings.
  • Open Application Manager.
  • Find the WhatsApp app and click the delete button.
  • Reinstall.

In order to read the lost messages, you must delete and download Vatsap again, then data recovery for the last 7 days will happen automatically.

This method helps to restore the data that Watsap managed to fix..

If the application is reinstalled before 3 a.m., when information is saved, fresh correspondence will disappear.

How to find deleted messages and correspondence in Vatsap

If chats in Votsap were deleted more than a week ago, then the search must be carried out in the phone’s memory. You may need to use special services that can decrypt documents.

On iOS and Android, a similar algorithm of actions is used:

  • You must enter the memory of the device on which the messenger is installed.
  • Find the folder called WhatsApp. It may be on the memory card..
  • Go to the Databases folder. If you check the data inside the remaining files, you can find music, videos and photos received through the application.
  • Look in the folder for the msgstore.db.crypt file. It contains the user’s correspondence with other subscribers..

Copy the found file to the computer. To open it, you need a program that is capable of supporting SQL files. One of the most convenient is Recover messages..

What is msgstore

The msgstore.db.crypt folder is stored in Databases, the database directory. The msgstore file includes data collected over a period of time. After generation, it is stored in local storage while a backup is being created..

You can open this file on a personal computer. To work, you need to install the Hetman program. A folder may contain several files with the same name. To choose the right one, you need to pay attention to the date of their creation, which is indicated in the names.

This folder can store 7 files. More than a week backup not saved.

You can recover lost data through the Databases folder, which contains the message archive.

Programs and applications for recovering deleted Whatsapp messages

In the “Play Market” you can find several programs with which to restore erased messages in Vatsap.

Recover messages WhatsApp

WhatsApp Recover is a program that helps to recover deleted messages from the Watsup messenger. If SMS were erased by the subscriber himself or lost as a result of a crash or unsuccessful application update, you can view them after working with WhatsApp Recover.

Data recovery is carried out by extracting it from the smartphone’s memory, as well as using a backup created in advance using iTunes.


To access deleted messages, you can check the save history using special programs. The most popular among them are Notification History Log, Notif Log notification history. You can also use a utility called “Notification History”.

After installing one of these applications on your smartphone, you will need to allow it access to correspondence. Now the user will be able to find all the lost information. If the interlocutor deleted any of his messages in the chat, after checking the notification log, you can restore it.

By learning how to recover deleted messages, you don’t have to worry about important information being accidentally lost.