How to use Whatsapp on a computer

WhatsApp is a convenient messenger that allows you to make calls and send messages to other users for free. Those who have already managed to appreciate the benefits of the mobile version want to know how to use Vatsap on a computer. Previously, access to the program on a PC was possible only using a special android emulator, but now WhatsApp is installed on a PC without this software.

Due to the fact that Whatsapp became a messenger not only for everyday communication, but also widely used in a business environment, there was a need for the possibility of using it on a PC, which was implemented by the developers.

Is it possible to download WhatsApp to a computer?

The special version of Vatsap can be downloaded and installed on any PC. Also, users can open the program in the Google Chrome browser by going to the official developer page.

Basic system requirements

For proper operation of Vatsap, Windows OS version 8.1 and higher must be installed on the computer. Owners of Apple PCs can download the messenger on a device with Mac OS version no earlier than 10.9. It is possible to use Votsap on a computer if the corresponding application is installed on the smartphone. Otherwise, you can download only through the emulator, but you still have to leave your phone number.

Work with Whatsapp on the emulator.

Install and launch whatsapp-web

First you need to go to the company’s website and open the WhatsApp-web section. A context menu with a picture containing a QR code will appear on the page. The same section must be opened in the WhatsApp mobile application on the smartphone, by going to the chat, and from there – into the settings. Next, you need to bring the phone’s camera to the code on the page in the browser – user authorization will happen automatically.

If the code has not been scanned for 30 seconds, then restart the application on both devices.

How to use Vatsap on a computer?

After starting the messenger on the computer and entering the user’s account, a window will open, in the left part of which there will be a chat with a list of interlocutors. A notification will appear on the right stating that you need to leave Vatsap turned on on your smartphone.

When you turn off Whatsapp on your phone, it will automatically close on your computer. Therefore, when working with the application for a long time, it is better to immediately connect the phone to charging.

Editing a profile and status

You can open your personal profile in Vatsap by clicking on your photo or the button with 3 points at the top of the program. Settings allow you to change:

  • personal information;
  • profile avatar;
  • user status.

The standard greeting of the messenger looks like this: “Hey there! I am using WhatsApp. ” You can change the status by clicking on the line with the inscription, deleting the original text and writing your own replica. To change the name, click on the line with the inscription “Pencil” in the “Your Name” section. A new photo can be downloaded and installed from a computer.

Information about yourself can be edited at any time from your phone or computer, if they were entered incorrectly.

Correspondence and calls

You can write a message to the user with whom correspondence was previously conducted by opening the corresponding dialog box in the chat. If you want to start a dialogue with a new user, click the “+” button and look for the person’s profile in the contact list. A line will open at the bottom of the chat in which you need to enter a message, and if necessary, put a smiley. To send a message, click on the corresponding icon next to the text input field.

The user can send a voice message by clicking on the microphone image. The computer version of WhatsApp lacks the ability to make audio calls online. You can only do this from your smartphone..

Despite the fact that you cannot call through a computer, the use of audio messages reduces the time for discussing business issues and makes it possible to carry out other things in parallel with this.

Attach files to a message

To send files to the interlocutor, you need to click on the icon with the image of a paper clip. Using the menu that appears, you can send a text attachment, picture or video. Supported text document formats – TXT, TEXT, PDF. The user can download the photo from the computer or make it using the connected webcam, attach to the message. Then you need to follow the instructions: “To send the file, click the button at the end of the message.” You can also send to the interlocutor the contact details of another person.

This feature is convenient in that it allows you to transfer a large number of large files much faster than through a mobile device.

View contact information

You can view information about a contact by opening a dialog with him and clicking on the button with 3 dots in the upper right corner of the window. In the context menu, select the item “Information about the interlocutor”. By following the link, you can see the following information:

  • contact photo, if available;
  • phone number;
  • all photos and video files exchanged by both chat partners;
  • established status.

Contact information is displayed on the right side, where you can also click on each block to see more details or enlarge the photo in full screen.

Turn off sound alerts

You can turn off sound notifications for incoming messages and other notifications coming from an interlocutor by opening a chat with him and then the menu at the top of the screen. Here you need to select “Silent” and set the period of validity of such an operation. You can turn off sound alerts for any number of contacts. If necessary, you can turn them on again by pressing the corresponding button in the menu.

To turn off the sound in the messenger, you need to go to the general settings and open the “Notifications” tab. Here you need to uncheck the box next to “Sound”. The mute period is set in the section “Mute warnings and sounds to …”.

Despite disabling notifications, all messages from users will also arrive in a timely manner..

Contact lock

Blocking is often applied to people sending spam and advertising messages. You can block such a contact by opening the “Information about the interlocutor” and clicking on the corresponding item in the menu that opens. Also, the user can open the program settings, go to the “Blocked” section, and then click on the “Add to blocked” line and select the necessary contacts from the list. You can unlock a contact in the same way..

A blocked user can be unblocked again, if, for example, this was done erroneously.

Search for necessary messages in correspondence

You can find any message from the correspondence by entering the search word in the line of the general dialog box. The program will immediately start searching for a given tag. You can find a message from the history of correspondence with a user by opening a chat window with him, and then clicking on the magnifying glass icon at the top of the window.

Clear and delete unwanted chats

In the process of clearing the chat, all messages that were stored in it are deleted. Chat is saved. It is located on the right side of the program window along with other contacts. With the complete removal of the chat with the interlocutor, both the correspondence and the chat itself disappear. It is advisable to do this in extreme cases, including when the Vatsap account was hacked.

You can clear or delete a chat with another user by opening a conversation with him, and then a menu and clicking on the desired line. The ability to delete all chats and correspondence is available only in the mobile application.