How to update WhatsApp on the phone

To update Vatsap in a timely manner, you can automate the procedure. This will allow you to use the latest development of the creators of software, taking into account the flaws of previous versions. The standard way to manually update depends on the mobile phone operating system..

Successful use of the program requires timely updates..

Why you need to update WhatsApp

In the process of using the messenger, flaws are manifested. The programmers involved in creating the communication utility constantly improve the application, expand the functionality, and eliminate system errors of the previous options. Given the wishes of users, developers change the program interface.

WhatsApp account owners who update their messenger in a timely manner note the following benefits:

  • Stable work. System problems are an important reason for installing a new version of the application. When creating it, programmers take into account previous errors and try to eliminate them.
  • The security of personal information. The main task of the update is to ensure the security of personal data. Therefore, developers primarily seek to fix code vulnerabilities by protecting the account from intruders..
  • Advanced functionality. The creators of the program keep track of innovations in similar software, supplementing WhatsApp with new options.
  • Availability. Legacy versions may not deliver messages. Users updating the application are constantly in touch..

How to check your version of the application

The availability of the Vatsap update on Android devices is determined by the following actions:

  • in the Play Market you need to find a messenger;
  • if, opposite WhatsApp, a button appeared with the inscription “Update”, the program is outdated.

On iPhones, the procedure is simplified. The appearance of new versions of used applications is noted on the App Story store icon. The number in the red circle indicates the number of updates available for installation on the gadget.

Android update

The instructions can be considered step by step..

To replace an outdated program, you will need to perform several actions:

  • First of all, you need to stop communication and exit the messenger;
  • open the list of applications installed on the device;
  • select “Vatsap” and activate the update function by pressing the corresponding button on the display;
  • agree to changes in the program by clicking on the “Accept” button in the tab that opens;
  • wait for the installation to complete;
  • launch updated software and resume correspondence.

In most cases, the application does not require re-registration to enter the latest version. For authorization you need to enter a username and password.

Perform software update on Android.

IPhone update

Users of smartphones with iOS operating system update Vatsap for free, following the following algorithm:

  • need to close the program;
  • open the App Story tab;
  • select the update section;
  • in the window that opens, click on the WhatsApp icon;
  • activate the installation of the latest version using the “Update” button, located near the utility name;
  • waiting for the download to finish, run the messenger.

Installing updated software is performed in the background, without affecting the functionality of the gadget.

Update for smartphones on other platforms

Owners of phones with the Windows Phone operating system install the latest version of Vatsap in this order:

  • The first step is to remove the program from the device’s memory. You must first back up chats to prevent the loss of personal data. Copies uploaded to virtual storage.
  • In the store of free and paid platform applications, you should select the required utility. Activate the installation function. At the same time, the latest software will be downloaded to the smartphone.
  • The final stage is the restoration of the stored information. Following the instructions of the program, personal data from the virtual drive is transferred to the chats of the user account.

The procedure may vary slightly depending on the model of device. In most cases, the difference lies in the names of the keys or sections of the menu..

WhatsApp Auto Update

To perform the process in automatic mode, you need to enable auto-update. The option is available when connecting to Wi-Fi, which saves mobile Internet traffic.

The function can be used by owners of smartphones with the Android operating system. Gadget users on other platforms will have to manually update WhatsApp.

Automation of the procedure includes the following actions:

  • opening the “Play Market” settings menu;
  • selection of the “Auto-update applications” section;
  • specifying an access point (via Wi-Fi) in the window that opens.

If you select the second tab item with the inscription “Always”, the risk of unnecessarily spending traffic increases. In some cases, data transfer is paid.

Automatic update.

How to update the application without Play Market

In situations where the user is not able to enter the Play Market, the Vatsap update is performed manually using third-party software. To do this, in the security settings of the smartphone you need to allow installing applications from unknown sources.

After that, you should find and download the latest version of the messenger in apk format on the Internet. It is allowed to use a computer, followed by transferring the file to a mobile phone via a cable with USB connectors.

The final step in installing the updated WhatsApp on an Android device is to launch the downloaded program. This method allows you to do without “Play Market”, always staying in touch online with friends and pals.

Problems and errors

The developers were able to identify several sources of errors that accompany the update..

These include:

  • Lack of free space for installing the messenger. Therefore, programmers are advised to regularly clear the smartphone’s memory by deleting unnecessary files and unused programs..
  • Incompatibility of the application with the version of the device platform. This problem is unsolvable..
  • Some reasons for boot crashes are assigned special ciphers. If the utility gives an error code, the decision depends on the decryption.
  • In some countries, WhatsApp is blocked. Cannot install or update it.

WhatsApp not updated

When Vatsap is not updated, first of all it is worth checking the device’s connection to the Internet. Lack of communication prevents the downloading and downloading of a fresh program.

You should check the status of auto-update in the store settings. When the function is disabled, you need to activate it.

If an operating system not supported by the messenger is installed on the phone, it is impossible to update Vatsap. Have to use an outdated version of software.

The application does not open after updating

With a stable Internet connection, the cause of difficulties in launching WhatsApp is most often a system failure. In this case, the user receives an error notification in a separate pop-up window..

Downloading an incorrect file also prevents the program from opening after updating. Messenger will not be able to recognize what changes are required.

These methods do not work with Vatsap for Bad, as well as for OSs that require downloading using arch files.