How to set your melody on Whatsapp

WhatsApp mobile messenger allows you to make free calls around the world. There is a simple instruction on how to put a melody on Vatsap for alerts and calls.

Simple instructions for setting up sound on WhatsApp.

Can I change the sounds of notifications and calls on WhatsApp

In Vatsap you can not only change the sound of incoming calls and messages, but also do it individually for a separate contact. This feature allows you to distinguish from which application and who is making the call. This is also useful because ringtones can be changed regularly when they start to bother.

The developers have programmed the application so that you can change the standard sounds that are already in the messenger. To put on your song, you need to use additional tools. For a device with Android, you only need to connect to a PC, for iPhones two programs are still downloaded.

How to change the Vatsap ringtone on your phone

Use personalized notifications with your favorite melody.

The change of standard music to calls and messages in “Votsap” occurs in the application settings. You need to go to the section “Notifications” and select “Sound notifications.” Then a list of all available signals that are pre-listened will appear..

To set an individual sound of the contact settings occur in the hotel chat. You need to click on the icon next to the desired name and select “Use individual notifications”.

To install your music, you must first download it to your phone or computer, depending on which device is being configured. If you need to put different sounds on each contact, it is better to create a separate folder specifically for this, so that it is easier and faster to search.

On iPhone

Download the melody, change the extension to caf and transfer it using the computer to the phone.

To install your ringtone in Vatsap on an iPhone, you need additional programs – iDevice Manager and Total Audio MP3 Converter. They are installed on the computer..

Using the downloaded converter, you need to change the format of the selected song in caf and set a new name. Then the phone connects to the PC and iDevice Manager starts. You should find a folder called “” and media file with the extension caf and open it. Then any file is deleted from there and the desired music is inserted..

After all the actions, the smartphone needs to be rebooted. Then you should go into the messenger and change the sound of the call, finding the downloaded file among the standard.

How to change WhatsApp ringtone on Android

On phones with the Android operating system, it is possible to change the composition in the application itself without downloading additional programs. But you have to connect to the PC.

The procedure for changing the tone of calls and messages on devices with Android:

  • Connect smartphone to PC via USB adapter.
  • Open Alerts on the PC in the Vatsap file folder.
  • Download there the necessary melodies from a folder on your computer. You can download ringtones from the Internet directly to a specified location without saving to a PC.
  • Go to the Vatsap settings.
  • In the “Alerts” select the downloaded ringtone.

Such actions will lead to a change in the standard call for all messages. You can make it so that for each user there will be a ringtone.

How to put an individual sound in Votsap for a separate contact:

  • In the “Contacts” menu, select the desired user for whom the ringtone will be selected.
  • Go to the section “Custom notifications” and activate the item “Use individual”.
  • Return to contact and select “Alerts”.
  • In the “Message Sound” section, select the desired melody. Similarly for “Ringtone”.

Changing the sound of messages for groups is carried out in the same way. In the settings you need to click on the “Alerts” button and select the ringtone you like.

After changing the ringtone for notifications and calls, you need to restart the gadget. Everything will work correctly while the installed ringtones are in the “Notifications” folder on the phone.