How to send gif to Whatsapp

Users need to know how to send Whatsapp GIFs via phone and computer. It is also necessary to consider on which smartphones it will turn out to throw a photo in the dialogue, how to save files from the messenger and what are the ways to send messages.

Can I send gifs to Vatsap

Such an opportunity opens in the new version of the application. Therefore, before sending the animation, you must update the messenger.

The user will be able to send an animated picture on the topic by selecting from the list provided. There is an opportunity to send your own GIF. To do this, you need to record or download a video, the duration of which does not exceed 6 seconds, save it on your phone and use the messenger to turn it into an animation.

You can make a gif using a third-party service. There are enough apps on the Play Market. You can select the first one in the list, install it on your smartphone, download the video and turn it into an animation. Then save the result and send it to the messenger.

It’s easy to send a picture from a social network, after saving it to your computer.

In Whatsapp you can send both ready-made short videos and a gif made by yourself.

How to send a GIF to WhatsApp

For Android and iOS users, the process of sending an animated photo will be different. This is due to the functional side – the principle remains the same.

On Android

To send standard gifs, click on the emoticon located in the text input line. Go to the “GIF” and select a photo, click on send message.

If you want to send your own animation, then you need:

  • Click on the paper clip in the right corner of the text input..
  • Select the “Gallery” section, where various media files should open, you need to mark the video.
  • Convert GIF in editor window.
  • Send to interlocutor.

To send Gif, click on the paper clip at the bottom of the screen and select the “Gallery” section or select a short video from the smiley menu. 

On iphone

Download the app on iPhone. Click on the “plus” next to the text box. A list of items that can be sent opens. You must select “Photo / Video”.

Below is a section with gifs, the user should go there, find the desired option using the search form. After that you can edit the photo, add emoticons, text, shorten the duration. Click on the Submit button.

To create an animation from your own material, you need to select “Photo / Video”, mark the video, wait for the conversion process to finish. In the editor, put the slider on the option “GIF”, send the result to the correspondence.

For live photos

IPhone 6 users can transfer in personal conversations or Live Photo chats. Starting with the sixth version and higher, the devices have a built-in 3D Touch display.

To send Gif to Whatsapp on iOS, click on the “plus” and select the video in the “Photos and Videos” section.

To send such a file you need:

  • open a dialogue with a contact;
  • click on the “plus”;
  • choose from the menu “Photo / Video”;
  • open files and press 3D Touch.

Pictures will be highlighted in a round background. You can insert emoticons on them, write text or rotate. After editing, send to the recipient.

How to send gif to WhatsApp from computer

First you need to save a live photo on a laptop. Launch the Votsap application, log in to your personal account. Go to the dialog, click on the “plus” next to the text input field. Select the path to the folder, find the desired file and drop it.

Saving GIFs for later use

Media files from “Vatsap” are saved automatically. If this does not happen, you must perform the following steps:

  • Allow access to media files. Go to “Settings”, open the “Security” section, check the box “Unknown sources”.
  • From the settings go to “Data”, select options that will be saved automatically.

The WhatsApp Images folder will be created on the smartphone. From it, you can transfer files to a computer via a USB cable, send to other social networks, to disks, mail.