How to send a message from a computer to Whatsapp

The “WhatsApp” messenger is a popular application for exchanging quick text and voice messages. Often this messenger is installed on a smartphone. But there is a version for a personal computer (PC). Therefore, you should know how to send a message to Vatsap from a computer online.

Messaging app.

Sending a message to WhatsApp from a computer

There are 3 ways with which you can exchange text information or images on Vatsap via a PC:

  • Application installation.
  • Using a special emulator program.
  • Connection to the web version.

Using the official PC app

WhatsApp can work on both a smartphone and a PC. To install on a personal computer, you need to go to the official website and download the appropriate version. However, the program is only supported by Windows or Mac OS. It is important that the messenger is activated on the phone.

Further steps for installing Vatsap:

  • Install downloaded file on PC.
  • Open the program shortcut that appears after installation.
  • Scan the QR-code generated in the window of the program installed on the PC by phone (the code scanner must be opened through Vatsap).
  • After linking the messenger on two devices, you can send text information or a photo through a PC.

Installing the application on Mac OS.

Using the web version of WhatsApp

The second option to send messages through a computer is the web version of the application. The advantage of this method of communication is that you do not need to install anything on the computer. To write a text message through the online version of the messenger, you must:

  • Go to the official website of Vatsap.
  • Switch to WhatsApp Web.
  • Using the smartphone’s camera, scan the QR code that appears on the screen.

After that, the online version of the messenger will be available..

Via Android Emulator for PC BlueStacks

Installation Using BlueStacks Emulator.

The third version of installing “Vatsap” on a computer is the use of an emulator.

This term refers to a program designed to open mobile applications on a PC. Popular emulator programs include BlueStacks, with which you can run Android applications on your computer. Installation requires several steps:

  • Go to the BlueStacks web page.
  • Download the installation file to your PC.
  • Install the program. After that, the user configures BlueStacks parameters, in particular, selects the interface language, enters his data, selects the necessary services, etc..
  • Next, you need to download the file with the Vatsap application to the PC. To do this, without leaving BlueStacks, in the “search here” field, the user enters the name WhatsApp, clicks on the icon that appears and the “Install” button. After that, the program will start downloading through the emulator.
  • Next, staying in the BlueStacks emulator, you need to go to the “My Applications” tab and click on the “WhatsApp” icon.
  • Then registration is carried out in the system: a mobile phone number is entered, and then a six-digit code from SMS, which will come to the specified number.
  • If the user already had a registered account, then he can use the backup function. In this case, all saved contacts and dialogs will be transferred to the application on the PC.

After completing all the steps, the computer version of the messenger will be available to the user..

Thus, WhatsApp can be installed on both a mobile device and a PC. The installation process on the computer is carried out in 3 ways, the fastest and easiest is to use the web version, and the most time-consuming is the launch of the program through the emulator.