How to schedule message sending on Whatsapp

There is no “snooze message” feature in WhatsApp standard versions. You can use it by downloading the messenger created by third-party developers. Another way to plan sending a letter is to install special applications.

WhatsApp + messenger allows you to automatically send messages according to a previously defined schedule.

Can I postpone a message on WhatsApp

The ability to schedule messaging is provided in WhatsApp +. This function is used like this:

  • Launch the application. On the main page, find the “Settings” tab, select the item Message Scheduler.
  • Click on the plus sign at the bottom of the window, select the person from the list of chats or contacts. To do this, enter the name of a friend in the search field. The scheduler control panel will open. The first line contains the name of the recipient, selected earlier, the second text is entered.
  • Set the date the email was sent. Next, select the number of repetitions. The latest version of the messenger provides for a one-time transmission of text on a schedule.
  • After filling in all the lines, use the “Schedule” key. A prepared message, addressee data, date of sending will appear in the window. At this stage, if necessary, add new contacts to which notifications will be automatically sent. To do this, the above steps are repeated.

After the specified time, the message is automatically transmitted..

The application notifies the user by sending information in a pop-up window.

You can manage messages in the WhatsApp + application through the Message Scheduler item.

WhatsApp messaging apps

Scheduled messages can be sent using auxiliary applications that are installed on the phone through Google Play or third-party sources..


The program is a universal tool for planning the sending of text data in instant messengers or social networks. It is used like this:

  • Download the application on a smartphone, open it. Signing up or logging in with Facebook.
  • In the application list, select Vatsap, allow access to all data. Enter the text, set the recipient. Attach media files if desired.
  • Set the date, month, year, time of sending. You can set the number of repetitions and the intervals between them. You can set the notification to be sent before the action takes place automatically..
  • Press the OK key.

The text will be sent to the addressee in the specified period. The program interface is presented only in Spanish and English.

Scheduled messaging setup in SKEDit.

Whatsapp scheduler

The scheduler will help you send a message at the right time..

This will allow you to remember to congratulate friends on any holiday..

The application gives the user the following features:

  • sending notifications at the selected time;
  • Transfer text information to multiple contacts;
  • the possibility of the planned placement of data in groups;
  • multiple transmission of textual information to interlocutors at user-selected intervals.

To plan the transmission of messages perform the following actions:

  • Download the Whatsapp Scheduler application from the official website of the developer. Run it, go through registration.
  • The transfer parameters are set in the menu. You can select individual contacts, set multiple recipients.
  • Enter the desired date and time, click the “Schelude” button. Set the number and frequency of repetitions. After receiving information by the addressee, the system sends a report.


GBWhatsapp resembles SKEDit scheduler, expanding messenger capabilities.

The program is used as follows:

  • Download the installation file from the developers site. In the phone settings section, you can download applications from third-party sources.
  • After installation, launch the application. Go to the menu section, whose icon looks like 3 dots.
  • Activate the “Scheduler” function. Select the subscribers to whom the entered text will be sent..
  • Set the transfer date. Press the “Schedule” key.

The program notifies the user of the sending information.