How to reply in WhatsApp to a specific chat message

Many WhatsApp users (Vatsap / Votsap) are in one or more group chats, as It is a modern and convenient way of communication for several people. Most users chat with colleagues, friends, relatives in specially created groups.

In active discussions with a large number of participants, it is often necessary to write to a specific person. In such cases, the question arises, how to answer a specific message in a group in Vatsap.

To respond to a specific message, you can use various methods that work in the WhatsApp application on any device..

Citation function

This function allows you to reply to a user in a group, saving the original message, which will be displayed above your comment and will be visible to all participants in the conversation.

You can quote from any participant in the correspondence, including yourself. This method is suitable for answering text and voice messages, as well as for commenting on sent files (for example, photos, videos).

The citation function is available both in the application for the phone and in correspondence from a computer.

How on WhatsApp to reply to a specific message

In iphone

To reply to a chat user from an iPhone, follow these steps:

  • Find the message you need in the chat.
  • Click on it and hold until the field is highlighted..
  • Select the “Reply” option..
  • Enter your answer and send it.

You can also swipe right to the message, then the text will be saved and a window will appear under it for an answer.

In Android

You can reply to a person in a group from devices running on Android in a similar way.

  • Choose the part of the correspondence that you need.
  • Long press to highlight the phrase.
  • In the top panel, click on the icon with the image of an arrow pointing to the left.
  • Write and send your answer.

Another option is to swipe right on the message you want to comment, enter and send text.

Quote message.

On windows phone

  • Scroll through correspondence.
  • Highlight the phrase you are interested in by long pressing.
  • Click “Reply”.
  • Enter the text and click “Submit”.

WhatsApp Web and WhatsAPP for PC

  • Select the desired message.
  • Hover over it and click on the “Menu” icon.
  • Click on the “Reply” option.
  • Enter the answer and click “Submit”.

Also, the WhatsApp application on devices with any OS has the ability to respond to the sender personally. To do this, you first need to click on the message and highlight it, and then select the “Reply personally” option. Your comment will be sent to an individual chat, and other members of the group will not see it..

If you reply to a long message, it will not be shown completely above your answer in the chat. To read the entire source text, click on the window with an incomplete quoted message, and the application will automatically find and show the entire phrase.

Message forwarding

Another popular answer method at Watsap is forwarding. This function allows you to send a response to the chat where the source text was written, and redirect it to another dialog.

To forward a message, you need to press it for a long time and select the “Forward” option (the icon with the image of an arrow pointing to the right), and then send what you want to the chat you need. The forwarding function works the same on devices with different OS.

As with the answer function, texts that are too long will not be fully displayed. You can read the whole quote by clicking on the box with an incomplete phrase, and it will be shown in its entirety. You can also pin a message on top of the chat and draw the attention of the interlocutor to important points.