How to remove a contact from Whatsapp

Ceasing to communicate with a person, a user of a mobile gadget thinks about how to remove a contact from Vatsap. Excess information interferes with the search for the necessary data and reduces free memory. Various methods are used to edit the application address book..

Contacts in Vatsap.

How to remove a contact from WhatsApp

The easiest way is to remove the contact from the phone book.

After that, the data ceases to be displayed in the application. If you need to save the number on the device, other methods are used.

On Android

To delete a subscriber number, you must do the following:

  • Launch the application and open the chat list. In it you need to find a conversation with the user whose data you want to delete, and go into a dialogue with him.
  • At the top of the window is a human avatar. After a long press on it, the contact work tool will open. Here you need to select “Block”.

Conversation with the user will be deleted automatically. Locking the user before deletion avoids the situation when the dialogue is restored when the user sends them messages again, because the number remains with the interlocutor.

On iPhone

The process of destroying unnecessary information on an iPhone does not differ from that on a phone with an Android operating system. To do this, open the contacts section in the smartphone, find the desired number and proceed to editing. After that, press the “Delete” key. By going to the messenger, you can make sure that there is no remote contact.

How to remove a contact from a chat in WhatsApp

Removing a contact from the chat by the administrator.

There are 2 ways to solve the problem, the choice between which depends on the category of user:

  • Administrator. If a person leads a group conversation, he can remove the participant from the list. To do this, enter the chat and click on the header. In the menu that opens, you can find a list of participants.

Next, you need to click on the contact and delete it. The system will ask for confirmation, after which the interlocutor will not be able to receive messages in the group.

  • Participant. In this case, you will have to contact the administration of the group or ask the user to leave the chat.

How to permanently remove a contact from Watsap

You can permanently delete a contact by deleting backup chats in the repository, which opens through the settings menu. To do this, select the “Dialogs” section and press the “Clear” key. All data will be destroyed..

Some even completely remove the vatsap because of this, but there are more reasonable and quick solutions..

What will the user see if removed from contacts

You can get the exact answer to this question by looking at the phone of a friend with the installed Vacap application. You can see contacted and inactive numbers in it..

When deleting a blocked user, he may notice the following changes:

  • Stop updating data on the activity of the interlocutor. The status remains the same, the person can not understand whether the user is in the system.
  • Stop updating photos. Even if the image is updated, the blocked user does not see it..
  • Inability to deliver messages sent to chat. They are displayed as sent, however, two blue checkmarks do not appear below them..
  • The disappearance of the functions of voice messages and video calls.

How to mass clean contacts on WhatsApp

Delete multiple contacts from the phone book.

If you want to stop communicating with several users or free up the device’s memory, there is a need for mass cleaning of the address book.

A special function and some other methods are provided for this. When you delete numbers from the phone, they immediately disappear from the contacts list in Vatsap. The method is used if a person wants to completely stop communicating with the interlocutor..

The procedure is performed as follows:

  • Open the phone book, go to the settings menu, which allows you to work with the data in memory.
  • Press the “Delete” key. Manually or using the search function find the numbers to be deleted.
  • Check the boxes next to the necessary items. Press the button in the form of a basket. After launching the messenger, the information will be updated..

What to do if the contact is deleted in the phone book, but is in Vatsap

You can fix this error by finding out the cause of its occurrence. The following factors contribute to the preservation of a remote contact in the WhatsApp chat list:

  • Using the old version of the application. If you refuse to upgrade, the software product becomes obsolete, which negatively affects data synchronization. Downloading a new version helps to solve this problem..
  • Incorrect number entry. WhatsApp uses international standards to exchange information worldwide. The application is broken when you refuse to use the appropriate codes.
  • Deactivate the synchronization function. The user can stop the exchange of data between the phone and the application. In this case, the contacts become hidden. Activating the feature helps fix the problem on your Android smartphone..

WhatsApp crashes as a result of malware infection.

This happens when downloading programs from unofficial services. Antivirus applications help detect viruses.