How to record and send a voice message in WhatsApp

Messengers are a great option for communication. There are no distracting publics and groups – everything is focused on dialogue. Users can send not only printed, but also voice messages to WhatsApp.

Voice messages in WhatsApp.

How to record a voice message in whatsapp

To record a voice you need:

  • open correspondence with the user to whom the file will be sent;
  • press and hold the microphone, speak the message;
  • remove your finger and sms will send automatically.

If you need to record a large message, you should:

  • choose a dialogue;
  • click on the microphone icon and do not release your finger from it;
  • dictate the text and slide your finger up the screen (recording will go without touching the microphone);
  • To send SMS, click on the button in the form of an airplane.

On some smartphones, a voice message is recorded a little late, so you need to wait a few seconds before starting a monologue. Crop Recording Not Available.

How to save a voice message from Vatsap

The SMS received in the application is stored in the internal memory of the smartphone. It is located in the section “Internal memory / Android / Data / com.whatsapp”.

The user can independently send an audio message from Votsap to e-mail. This requires:

  • Highlight a record
  • click on the function button;
  • select the option “Share”;
  • click on the name of the email and enter the address.

How to send a voice message to WhatsApp

Sending audio starts when you click the Stop button or release the microphone icon. If you need to send a file, video from the phone, then you need to click on the paper clip and select one of the proposed options. A window with media files will open, you only need to select the desired one.

Sending an audio message to WhatsApp.

Why not sent

The reason for this may be a refusal to transfer access to the microphone. To solve the problem, you need to allow the program to use a microphone, after which proceed to recording. Sometimes the cause of the failure may be the old version of the application. The problem is solved by installing an updated version.

If the recording is intermittent, then the cause may be the features of the multi-touch display, the presence of a film. It is necessary to adjust the sensitivity of the sensor or remove the protection from the display.

How to delete voice messages

Deleting a record in Watsap is possible before sending. To do this, click on the “Cancel” button. If the message was sent, then you need to select it and select “Delete”. If the interlocutor did not manage to read the correspondence, he will not see this record.

How to listen to a deleted message

You won’t be able to listen to the dictated recording before sending. This is done already in the chat by pressing the Play button. If the SMS was deleted, then the user needs to restore the recording. For this, the options for saving correspondence are used. You also need to configure “Backup” in advance.

Where whatsapp voice messages are stored

It is possible to use the folder that is created after installing the messenger. It is necessary to go to the smartphone’s memory (the user will need the Voice folder). To do this, the “Vatsap” – “Media” path.

On iphone

If you select “Virtual Storage” on iOS, then you can find files on Apple Drive. Access to this disc is possible only through iTunes.

On android

Backups are sent to Google Drive. The user needs to go to the section of the same name and find the folder with the name of the application. Information is divided by creation date..