How to read someone else’s correspondence in Whatsapp

How to find out with whom a person is texting – this will be helped by various technologies that are being actively introduced and improved today..

Whatsapp app.

There are several publicly available ways to crack a WhatsApp:

  • Intercept messages from your subscriber using WhatsApp Web.
  • Send a message archive to your e-mail in vatsap.
  • Read the correspondence of your “victim” using a program that works through a remote server.
  • Using geolocation.

How to read someone else’s correspondence in whatsapp without access to the phone

It is difficult to track the correspondence without access to the telephone of your husband or wife. But there is a way that will help in the online mode for free and quietly open all the data and intercept messages. Method Description:

  • You must enter the desktop of your computer or laptop and create a folder called Hack WhatsApp. This is necessary in order to collect data for hacking and download correspondence, media files.
  • Next, you need to create two text documents in the folder. One name is Hack. It will keep the correspondence of the person you are tracking. In another, write the contact information that you will need for hacking. On the first line, indicate: hack whatsapp + 7/8 … (phone number of the “victim”). It is important to follow all spaces and signs exactly so that the proxy server works.
  • On the next line you need to type: = communication. In the context of this program, this means “electronic correspondence”.
  • If you want to see photos, then on the next line indicate: = photo. You can also watch the video by adding: = video. To view the audio files, type: = audio.
  • Important: if you want to recover and read messages deleted by the user, then do not forget to indicate on the following line: = deleted message. You can listen to audio calls by typing: = audiocall.
  • You must specify the tracking period. For example: 05/27/2019 – 09/29/2019. Follow all signs and spaces..
  • The most important thing. On the next line, type: = use proxy. This will make the request anonymous, it will be impossible to track it. Using a remote proxy, the conversation will be downloaded to your computer.
  • On the same line, specify the number of the proxy server (select any of the presented): = 51492. There is nothing wrong with the fact that one of the users could use one of the servers earlier. If the one you selected didn’t work, try another.
  • The final stage. The last line should consist of the words: = start hack. Save the document with all this data in another, created before in the folder.

The WhatsApp hacking process will begin after you correctly fill out and save the data. It will take 10-20 minutes. The disadvantage of this method is that it is illegal, and the loophole may be closed after some time.

Hack whatsapp.

On android

Reading SMS in vatsap through another phone is real. To track the user using your Android, just use the application. To do this, for some time you will need the phone of your “victim”.

You need to go to the Play Market, drive into the search bar “Whatscan for WhatsApp canvas.” Install the application on a smartphone. The difficulty is that you will need to copy the code from the jailbroken phone, but you need to do it quickly, since it will change in a minute. Then you can freely read all correspondence, watch photos and videos.

On iphone

There are similar apps for the iPhone. Only their rating by reviews – 2-2.6. To install one of them, type “WhatsApp spy / snoop” on the App Store. It will act on the same principle (for example, Whats Chat’s).

Whats app spy.

On iPhones, the security system is pretty good. Therefore, failures may occur, or your “spy” will lie. It is possible that updates will be needed, or the system will prohibit the installation of suspicious applications.

How to read someone else’s messages vatsap via computer

The easiest way to read other people’s messages using your PC. This creates an imitation of transferring WhatsApp to another phone. There are several methods.

Hacking involves the use of viruses or third-party programs. This method in fact was opened for use by the developers of the original messenger. They released a web version that office workers contact today for convenience..

Important: you must definitely get access to the jailbroken phone for at least 30-60 seconds. First, you need to open your PC and go to the web page. Do not forget to check the box “Stay logged in”. Secondly, you need to use the phone “victim”. In the original WhatsApp in the menu section, select WhatsApp Web. Now the main thing: it will take time to scan the QR-code on the computer screen from the phone of the “victim” with the camera of your smartphone. Thinking for a long time will not work, as the system automatically changes the code every minute.

Remain in the system.

All correspondence, including multimedia materials, will open on the computer. And you can read and send messages online. The owner of the jailbroken phone probably won’t understand that his messages are being read. But if on the phone again go to the WhatsApp Web department, it will be seen that the correspondence is open on the computer. Most users do not go to the menu, therefore, they are not aware of extraneous interference..

It is important that access to the Vatsap account and, accordingly, reading the correspondence are possible when the “victim” phone is connected to the Internet. Synchronization in the absence of a network will be absent. Then you can freely read the correspondence of another person without access to the phone, provided that he is online.

If you do not want to be hacked in this way and read your personal correspondence, it is recommended to install a free antivirus. Correction: it exists only for androids, on iPhones the security system is preinstalled. If you use an antivirus, then without your code it will be impossible to install or download anything.

How to intercept another person’s correspondence in whatsapp and send it to the mail

A fairly affordable and convenient way is to send correspondence to your e-mail. If you have little time to use a jailbroken phone, then this method is right for you. In order to connect to the phone and hack WhatsApp, you need 30 seconds. A significant minus is that you can only send a dialogue archive that the user did not delete. It is clear that it is impossible to read online. But you can send not only correspondence, but also other media files. What do I need to do:

  • Open WhatsApp on the hacked smartphone, and then go to the dialogue that interests you.
  • For Android devices, there is a menu next to the search at the top right. Opening it, you can see the following items: “Media”, “Do Not Disturb”, “Wallpaper”, “View Contact”, “Search”. We draw attention to the column “More”. We click on this icon, we see the following option, which will allow you to send the desired chat by mail.
  • Third step. You need to choose between the option of the chat you are sending (it’s easier) and the option that includes multimedia (it’s, of course, harder).
  • Next, you need to choose the method of sending via Gmail, another window will open – mail. Enter your address in the window with email.
  • Last and important point – click “Submit”.

Send Email Correspondence.

How to hack whatsap knowing the phone number

Track WhatsApp correspondence carefully, in addition, it should be convenient. For this, the Spyzie program is suitable. The tool is easy to use, reliable, reasonable. With it, you can not be afraid that you will be found. It has various functions to help you use..

The tool works on the GPS tracking system. With it, you will find out where the husband lingers after work, where the children walk, whether employees of your company hide something.

In addition to WhatsApp messages, it is possible to track emails, browser history, calls (both incoming and outgoing, their duration), access to multimedia materials is also there. You can order a contact form: names, age.

How to become an invisible spy and use the program:

  • First of all, you need to create a free account on Spyzie. Then you can buy an annual or monthly package of options and purchase a premium subscription. Important minus – WhatsApp tracking features are only available to those who have this subscription..
  • Today, Spyzie has WhatsApp tracking on iPhone. You need to enable backup on your device in iCloud, then you do not need to request access. You must be logged in to your account so that your control panel is accessible. Then wait for the application to install.
  • Further, you can easily use your account to read WhatsApp correspondence or use other functions..

If you follow these recommendations, the work will be convenient and comfortable, you will not need to use sophisticated hacking tools.

Another program is PullOutCorrWhatsApp. The tool carries out hacking remotely. The fact is that it is installed only on Android. The tool is paid. Information about it is hidden, the cost can be found when subscribing.

The tool can find the person in whatsap by phone number, after which he searches for his ID, analyzes the entire story. The tool downloads data (temporary server), decrypts the information. Then you will get the opportunity to download the message history to your phone.