How to make in WhatsApp so that it was not visible when I went in

There are 2 ways to make “invisibility” in Vatsap. One of them is to use the setting offered by the developers. Another is to install a third-party application. Both methods have their drawbacks..

In Vatsap, you can make invisibility to go unnoticed.

What is Hide Status WhatsApp

WhatsApp provides a mode of operation of the service, in which a person hides the following information from other users of the application:

  • status;
  • profile photo;
  • the time of the last use of Vatsap;
  • fact of reading the message.

The disadvantage of this method of restricting access of other subscribers to private information is that the user who activated it will not be able to receive this information about his interlocutors.

In addition, if the dialogue window is open simultaneously for both people, the second person will be able to see the status, despite the privacy settings.

You can download a third-party application to expand the Hide Status feature of WhatsApp. In the AppStore and Google Play, a large selection of such programs. They allow you to remain invisible and hide your profile information, while maintaining access to information about the status and time of visit of other users. With their help, you can hide your online visit time from an individual subscriber.

How to enable invisibility status in Vatsap

You can become hidden from all or part of WhattsApp users by changing the privacy settings in the application. Installing additional software for this is not required.

You can choose from whom the information about the subscriber’s presence in the network will be available from 3 options:

  • to everyone;
  • included in the contact list;
  • to nobody.

On iPhone

To activate Hide Status, iPhone users need to perform 4 actions:

  • click on the gear icon located in the lower right corner of the gadget screen;
  • select the item “Confidentiality”;
  • go to the item “Was (a)”, “Profile photo”, etc. and set the desired visibility settings;
  • disallow read reports.

Turn invisibility on WhatsApp with iPhone.

On Android

The sequence of actions that are needed to activate the “invisible” mode on the “Android” is built on a similar principle. The difference can only be in the location and name of sections.

To hide information about your online activity, you need to follow these steps:

  • click on the “Menu” icon (3 dots located vertically in the upper left corner of the screen);
  • select the menu section “Settings”;
  • click on the “Account” section;
  • go to the settings by clicking on “Privacy”;
  • choose who can see information about the status, time of visit, etc., by going to the corresponding menu items;
  • uncheck the option to send a read report.

How to disable “invisibility” in WhatsApp

To disable the “invisibility”, you need to follow the same steps as when installing this mode:

  • go to settings;
  • go to the “Privacy” section;
  • change the permission to access information from “Nobody” to “Everyone” in all sections;
  • check the box allowing to send notifications on reading the message.

Why the online status is not displayed

The situation when a person knows for sure that the subscriber is online, but sees in the application that the status of his status is “offline”, can be caused by 2 reasons:

  • The user has been blacklisted.
  • the subscriber uses a special service mode or third-party applications to hide his visits.

Is it possible to see guests at Vatsap

The Votsap application does not provide a function that allows a person to find out which user has viewed a profile. You can do this only using third-party applications. But installing them can damage your account’s security..

How to unread already viewed messages

If the user does not want to completely block the sending of reading notifications, but intends to hide this fact from one of the subscribers, then after reading the message he needs to mark it unread.

You can disable Invisibility in your account settings.

On android, for this you need:

  • open a list of dialogs;
  • press the desired one and hold until an additional menu appears at the top;
  • click on the icon with 3 dots;
  • in the drop-down tab, select the option “Mark unread”.

Owners of gadgets on iOS in order to get into such a menu, you need to open a dialog and swipe right.

In addition, there are ways to discreetly read a message without tearing it away. You can do this by setting up pop-up notifications about incoming messages on the screen of your smartphone. The second way is to install auxiliary software that allows you to download messages from Votsap and read them without activating the application. Such utilities allow not only to remain invisible, but to receive information, remaining in the status of “offline”.

These services do not replace WhatsApp. You need to install both programs on your gadget. When a person using third-party message reading software logs into Vatsap, he will be able to see all the information about when the subscribers were online and whether they opened his messages.

An example of such an application is No Last Seen. For its operation, you need to allow access to notifications. In addition, many users are faced with incorrect operation – the program switches itself off after a few days of use, and it has to be reinstalled. If after these actions the button has suddenly disappeared, then it can be restored via the settings menu.

Another way to hide the fact of receiving information is to disconnect the phone from the Internet before opening the message. This can be done by turning on airplane mode or by denying access to existing networks. However, when the connection resumes, the subscriber finds out that the text has been read.

Hide visit time

You can hide the time of visiting the network from all other users or only from subscribers who are not included in the contact list by setting the appropriate privacy setting in the “Last (s)” section.

However, if the user sends a message, then the recipient will know that the person was connected to the network. You can avoid this by using the service to send incognito messages. An example of such software is Wassam. It works through any browser. The lack of anonymity is the limitation on the number of correspondence – you can send only 1 message per day.

To write messages faster and more accurately, you can disable t9 in Vatsap. This will significantly speed up the speed of character set.