How to make a message unread on Whatsapp

Messengers automatically notify users of the status of the message. Because of this, it is not always possible to find out if a message has been read. And for this, checkmarks of different colors are used. In some cases, it is advisable to view the dialog, but in secret from the sender. Therefore, you need to know how to make a message unread in Vatsap.

Correspondence in Vatsap.

How to view a message in WhatsApp so that it remains unread

A simple hidden reading option is the notification bar. Sent SMS is displayed in a separate window. If the message is small, then it is viewed in its entirety. Otherwise, only half of it is visible.

In “Votsap” there is a section “Privacy” (or “Confidentiality”), it depends on the operating system of the smartphone (iOS or Android).

Here you can configure:

  • time of visit;
  • intelligence;
  • status;
  • location data;
  • dialogue reading report.

The last paragraph is edited if you want to make the reading invisible. In addition, you need to configure the time you visit the application and publish the status. The user needs to hide activity in the messenger, otherwise it will seem that he intentionally ignores the message.

To edit activity in a profile:

  • open settings;
  • go to the “Account” section;
  • find the “Privacy” subsection;
  • select options for editing.

The user can make access to data completely private or open only to friends.

On iOS

To do this, you must:

  • go to the application on the iPhone, updating it in advance to the latest version;
  • find the Chats tab below;
  • in the drop-down menu, find the dialogue with the right person, “swipe” from left to right;
  • in the window that opens, click on the option “Mark as unread”.

The message is highlighted with a blue marker, which indicates an unviewed dialog.

Unread message in Vatsap.

On Android

In this case, you need to open WhatsApp and select “Chats” in the upper panel, then press and hold the desired dialogue.

A window will load where you need to select a line, marking the message as unread. The green dot opposite the dialogue indicates that it has not yet been viewed.

Airplane Mode

You need to enable this function on your phone before reading sms from the messenger.

To do this, you must:

  • go to “Settings”;
  • move the slider opposite the option “Airplane mode”.

Now you can open the dialogue and read the correspondence. The interlocutor will not know about the status of the message before the user turns off the mode. You can also interrupt Internet access and, by disconnecting the router or modem, read the correspondence.

If the letter was viewed, but you need to keep it unread even after activating the mode, then you need to:

  • Sign out of the chat
  • find the dialogue in the presented list, click on it and hold until the window with the settings appears;
  • select the option “Mark as unread”;
  • turn off the “On Airplane” function.

Having switched to normal mode or turning on the Internet, the interlocutor will see the read letter. In this case, the dialogue in “Vatsap” will light up in blue.

Restricted Method

In privacy settings, the user can disable the delivery report.

To do this, you need:

  • Run the messenger and go to “Settings” – “Account”.
  • Click on the “Privacy” button.
  • Uncheck the box and move the slider opposite the item “Read reports”.

The disadvantage of this method is that the status of the sent message is not visible to both interlocutors.

WhatsApp Reading Reports.

Unofficial way

To monitor SMS from the messenger, you can install widgets on your phone. These are applications that have a dialog tracking feature. With their help, the number of unread letters will appear on the desktop.

The following utilities are available:

  • Nova Launcher;
  • Notifyer application

Applications are developed for smartphones running Android. They help evaluate the importance of the message, determine whether it should be read now or can be postponed for some time. The user will be able to view all the text, but he will not be able to view the video or listen to the audio file.

To create a messenger widget, you need to click on an empty spot on the screen and hold for a few seconds. A window will appear where “Widgets” is selected. You must select a 4×2 size and drag the widget to the place from where it will be convenient to use.