How to make a dark theme in WhatsApp

A large number of people use the messenger every day, so the developers are constantly supplementing and expanding the functionality of the application. Whatsapp dark theme – a feature that users around the world have been looking forward to.

Dark theme in Watsap.

Dark theme features

The update pleased users because it not only changes the appearance of the application, making it stylish and fashionable, but also has some advantages:

  • Dark color does not affect the photosensitive receptors of the eyes, so it does not cause severe harm to the eyes..
  • It saves the device’s charge by reducing the screen backlight, and the battery is not consumed so quickly.
  • It looks beautiful and attractive: light parts turn black and green parts turn gray, which changes the usual look of the application.

Three ways to change background in WhatsApp

There are three common ways to set the background in windows..

In settings

The first method is to change the background of the interface of the Watsapp window. To do this, leave all chats and go to the main page of the application. At the very top, you should find the menu in the form of 3 points, which are arranged in a vertical order, and tap on it. After that, a list will open in which you need to find the “Settings” option. By clicking on it, the user will see a submenu where he needs to open the “Chats” item (backups, stories, wallpapers).

Then he should tap on the sub-item “Wallpaper”. A window pops up in which Vacap offers the following options: Gallery, Solid color, Library, Standard, No wallpaper.

In the option “Solid color”, you can set any of the proposed ones. There are a lot of colors there: dark, black, red, burgundy, green, dark green, purple, blue, blue, lilac and others. There are several dark tones, so you can choose the most comfortable one for the eyes. Color options can be quickly scrolled with a swipe, and when selected, the background will appear, which will be displayed in the operating mode.

In the “Gallery” item the user is offered a choice of his own photos, which can also be included as a background.

Dark theme design.

In the correspondence itself

If you want to highlight or decorate a chat, then there is a way to change the wallpaper just for him. This way, it’s easier to identify and not lose the conversation if it takes more time..

In order to make the desired background, open the necessary chat, tap 3 points in the upper right corner and select “Wallpaper”. The application will offer the same items as when setting the general background: Gallery, Solid color, Library, Standard, No wallpaper. Then the user must act in the same way as in the previous paragraph to adjust the background of the entire application.

Through a special application

The third method is to install a special application for Android or IOS. Many programs are offered. You can choose the one that seems most convenient. If desired, the user needs to install the application on a smartphone, after which a large number of new original pictures will appear in Vatsap, including in dark color.

After that, the user follows the same algorithm for changing the background as before. In the upper right corner, he should click on 3 points, select “Settings”, then “Chats” and “Wallpaper”. Then you need to put the most suitable background. Wallpaper can be changed at any time and many times a day. There are no restrictions for this..

Change wallpaper on PC

Some people prefer to download the application not to a phone or tablet, but to a computer. For the PC in the WhatsApp client, only the general background changes, for each chat it is not yet possible to do this.

Changing the background in Vatsap on a computer is as easy as on gadgets. To do this, open the “Settings” item and press the button with the three dots that are in the upper corner of the screen.

After that, the user sees a menu in which he needs to select the Settings sub-item, and in it – find the Chat Wallpaper option. Then it is recommended to set the desired wallpaper from the proposed. Among them are dark colors.