How to keep track of someone else’s WhatsApp

The need to use Vatsap-spyware programs arises for various reasons. They, for example, are set to monitor the activity of the child in the messenger.

Tracking WhatsApp messages without scanning a QR code

To use this method, you will have to get the phone of the tracking object and install special software on it.

Spy-phone-app for tracking.

The procedure takes no more than 2 minutes and is performed as follows:

  • To install the application on the smartphone of the tracking object, use the link to the Spy-phone-app website. You must first check the serviceability of the Internet connection.
  • Activate the application. Before installing the software on the phone, the victims open the settings section. In the tab “Security” they find the inscription “Unidentified devices”. Check this box. After that, go to the Google settings. Here the item Scan device for Security Treats is deactivated.
  • Launch the application. Confirm acceptance of terms of use. During registration indicate your own email address, set a password.
  • The application is allowed to perform all actions. After clicking on the “Exit” button, the program icon will automatically disappear. The device is returned to the owner.
  • On your own smartphone or computer, open the link that came by e-mail. In the list, select “Vatsap”. This will allow you to continuously monitor the messages of another user..

The method does not work if the application is blocked.

WhatsApp Tracking Using Web WhatsApp com

To view other people’s conversations, you will need such tools:

  • a computer with an open web version of the messenger;
  • one-time access to the victim’s mobile.

Scan WhatsApp with QR Code.

To start surveillance, perform the following actions:

  • Open the computer version of Vatsap. To do this, use any installed browser. Enter the link to the online service in the address bar.
  • Get access to the phone of the surveillance object. You need to open the application, go to the settings section. In the list, select WhatsApp Web. The scan window opens. WhatsApp QR code. On Android and iPhone, these steps are the same..

After completing the procedure, a person gets the opportunity to monitor other people’s correspondence.

Keylogger programs for tracking someone else’s “Vatsap”

Hacking programs are often used to track other people’s conversations. All of them work according to a single algorithm, fixing keystrokes. This makes it possible to continuously monitor the communication of others. WhatsApp Spy keylogger has a large number of positive reviews..

Program – Keylogger.

WhatsApp Tracking with Spyzie App

This spyware program makes it easy to hack applications located on the victim’s device.

Use the Spyzie utility as follows:

  • Create an account on the developer’s site, specify a name, email address. After that comes a letter with a request for confirmation of the entered data.
  • Install the monitoring program on the phone. If downloading is not possible, try downloading the demo version..
  • After the download is complete, go to the spyware settings section. They use the login information contained in the email that came in.

Spyzie app – tracking software.

Access to the functions of the cracker is carried out through the control panel. It is necessary to wait until the victim begins to use the messenger. A corresponding notification will come to the device of the person monitoring the correspondence of others. The keylogger reads and displays records online. Surveillance can be conducted continuously. Download the program for free.

Spying with ikeymonitor whatsapp spy

A spy app for smartphones based on Android and iPhone reads the interlocutor’s messages and transmits the results online. This allows you to monitor the correspondence of the object of observation when it enters the messenger. Installing the program requires money, but you can use the free demo. To implement this method, you also need access to someone else’s phone.

They work with a keylogger like this:

  • They go to the site of software developers. To do this, use any browser. In the window that opens, select the free version. She will work for a week.
  • Select the type of mobile device. After that they go through registration, enter all the necessary data: name, email address. Confirm action.
  • After registration is completed, an email arrives. It contains an authorization button..
  • By pressing the appropriate key, they go to the application. Waiting for control panel loading.
  • Install spyware on the victim’s phone. After that, it will be possible to track messages from “Vatsap” or other instant messengers. There is no function to view other people’s photos and videos.

Tracking WhatsApp Messages with “ikeymonitor whatsapp spy”.

MSpy Spyware

“M Spy” is a popular tool for monitoring other people’s conversations in “Vatsap”. Free demo version only.

To begin surveillance, perform the following steps:

  • Go to the site of the authors of the program. Get the right spyware version.
  • Browse the email inbox. Within 5 minutes, a letter arrives with the data necessary for authorization.
  • View the demo of the program. This helps to understand the principle of action of the product..
  • Install MSpy on someone else’s smartphone. This allows you to receive the necessary information through the control panel of your own phone..
  • Use scanner functions to track other people’s SMS.

FlexiSpy program

The agent program is supplemented by a wiretap function. For use, activation of other people’s cameras or microphones is required. FlexiSpy is a modified version of WhatsApp Spy, featuring an expanded set of functions compatible with applications Facebook, Viber, Skype, Vatsap.

The program allows the user to:

  • create an office on a third-party resource (there you can view the materials received during surveillance);
  • collect data about the location of the interlocutor;
  • listen to the victim’s calls;
  • intercept musical compositions, images and videos;
  • view pages of another browser.