How to install whatsapp on Linux

Android smartphone users often wonder how to install the Whatsapp app on Linux. Programmers have found a solution to this problem and developed a number of utilities, thanks to which you can use the messenger on any operating system.

Whatsapp on Linux.

How to download Vatsap on Linux Ubuntu

There is no official client program for Linux. But there are alternative ways to run WhatsApp on the system.

  • Download an unofficial account using remote access.
  • Install additional updates for Pidgin.
  • Run the program through Wine or Genymotion.
  • Use web version for browser.

There is a rule for using all WhatsApp clients installed on the computer. The phone on which it is planned to open the messenger must be connected to the Internet, otherwise none of the above methods will be effective. Linux users have made many tutorial videos on the subject..

Install Whatsapp on Linux

The Linux application was developed by activists who are not affiliated with Whatsapp officials in any way..

What you need to install:

  • Download Deb File.
  • Open Application Center in Ubuntu or AppGrid.
  • Select “Install”.

This is just the beginning of the download process. There are several required points to continue the correct installation of WhatsApp:

  • The presence of a smartphone with an already installed messenger.
  • You need to run WhatsApp on the phone, because every time you turn on the computer, the connection through the application is automatically checked.
  • The smartphone must support QR code scanning.
  • Need to install Google Chrome browser.

This browser plays a big role, since WhatsApp runs on the same operating system. Therefore, other browsers like Opera or Yandex in this case will not work. After installing the deb-archive, you need to open the desired application using the search in Dash or in the main menu.

QR code scanning.

The algorithm is as follows: launch the WhatsApp application on your smartphone, go to the menu, scan the QR code that appears on the computer screen. This method is popular with those who want to download Whatsapp for Ubuntu .

Unofficial client from the Github repository

Garik Galal is an Egyptian developer based in Berlin who has dedicated his efforts to trying to create unofficial clients for WhatsApp.

He began his activities when he realized that the messenger for his phone would not be released by official representatives of the service. This was the reason for the development of a special OpenWhatsapp application..

The project was gradually supplemented with a version for BB10, because the official client for BlackBerry models is made on the model of Android and needs improvements. As a result of the work done, OpenWhatsapp has all the functions of an official messenger.

Despite its popularity, OpenWhatsapp does not aim to become a competitor for WhatsApp. The project does not have its own servers, it does not interfere with the official application and does not charge a user fee. The developer claims that he likes the WhatsApp service so much that he spent a lot of time and effort in order to have access to it on any platforms.


Franz is a free archive application for various instant messengers, for example: WhatsApp, Slack, Hangouts from Google, GroupMe, etc..

Franz Archive Application.

The principle of the service is to keep all possible applications for communication in one place. They all look like a list with several tabs. Franz allows you to create more than 2 accounts for the same messenger, which is an advantage for family use. The service has built-in synchronization with devices via Wi-Fi.

To work correctly in the program, you need to register and confirm Email. Initially, the service worked only for Apple MAC, but because of the increased popularity, it was adapted for Windows as well..


Intuitive and beautiful WhatsApp Web client for the computer. To start, you need to download and install files from the project archive. This option is suitable for users of both Windows and MacOS..

It is better for Ubuntu users to add a backup copy of the project, since in Linux automatic updating by the application itself does not work. The developers switched to other, more popular projects, because of which the service does not receive updates and continues to work in automatic mode.


A free and open source messaging and email program that combines popular web applications into one common client. There is a community-edition – it is free. In addition to this, paid versions with several new features are available..

Service Features:

  • Support for multiple interface languages.
  • There is the ability to synchronize with a computer.
  • Setting a master password for security.
  • Auto Lock Rambox.
  • Do Not Disturb.
  • Proxy support.

Messenger – Rambox.

Pidgin Add-on

Pidgin is a service for Linux, with which you can register on several systems at once: Twitter, Facebook, Skype and in many social networks. Service advantages – clear configuration and the ability to install add-ons and extensions.

In order to add your account to Pidgin, you must run the installer. Then you need to create an account and enter the username and password. Next, select the WhatsApp protocol and complete the registration, confirming the data indicated earlier.

Emulator to run the messenger

If the above methods are not suitable and you need to install the messenger in a different way, you can use imitation programs. There is even a special Wine – Windows emulator for Linux.

The principle of operation of the Genymotion emulator is that a second Android operating system is launched on a Windows PC and a mobile version of any application is installed in it. The desktop version will work exactly the same as on the phone, but at the first start you will need to go through the registration step again. But then there will be no need for simultaneous operation of a computer and a smartphone.

There is also the Linux mint service, a free distribution based on Ubuntu. It is an alternative for the Windows operating system. The interface is almost the same as usual, but there are many additional free features that allow you to design your “Desktop” in accordance with any needs.

Emulator Genymotion.

Web version of Vatsap

To use the web version of the application, you need to visit the official website and read the instructions for entering the mobile application. Otherwise, the functionality of the site is similar to the mobile client, since they have the same operating system.

You can use WhatsApp on a computer not only in an Internet browser, but also by installing the official client on your desktop. To do this, you need to download it from the Apple App Store or another store with applications. The messenger will work if the operating system is used above Windows 8.1 or macOS 10.10.

Advantages of the PC version:

  • Typing messages from a standard keyboard is more comfortable than using a smartphone.
  • You can use the client for the computer on tablets or laptops for which there are no official versions or for outdated programs on the Mac and Windows;
  • All changes made will be automatically saved in the mobile application..

The web version of the messenger will be convenient for working at home or in the office. Sending and receiving data here is much easier than from a phone.