How to install whatsapp on iphone 4

You can evaluate the merits of a popular messenger by downloading it to your smartphone. Step-by-step instructions will help you understand how to install Vatsap on iPhone 4 and configure the application. After authorization, it will be possible to use different functions, the main ones of which are sending messages and making audio calls.

Whatsapp on the phone.

How to install WhatsApp on iPhone 4

Vatsap can be downloaded and used for free. Installing the application is as follows:

  • Check the charge level of the smartphone. It should be at least 40%.
  • The device includes Internet: mobile data or Wi-Fi. Before starting the download, check the quality of the connection. If the signal is weak, the procedure may be interrupted..
  • Open the App Store app catalog. Log in by entering your Apple ID and password. If an account is missing, you need to register.
  • In the search bar located at the top of the window, enter the name of the desired program. Vatsap can be found in the list of recommended free programs.
  • Press the “Download” key. Installation is performed automatically, the user monitors the progress of the procedure in the top menu. After the download is complete, the “Run” button appears.

If the vatsap on the iPhone also doesn’t work, then carefully follow the steps above.

Setting up a Vatsap profile on iPhone

After starting the application, you need to log in:

  • By opening the program, you are allowed to receive notifications and use the information contained in the phone book. In the future, it will be possible to add contacts in the messenger itself. You can restrict access to personal data, but this will complicate the search for friends in the application.
  • Confirm consent to verify the phone number. If the authorization data has been used before, then access to the profile will be restored.
  • Enter the phone number in the field that opens, click the “Next” button. A short message containing a combination of 6 characters will come to the smartphone. The numbers are entered in the field that appears. The profile is ready to use..

Account setup.

Two WhatsApp on iPhone: how to install

You can download the second WhatsApp on your iPhone or iPad using the TutuApp app, compatible with iOS and macOS. Installation is performed as follows:

  • Access the TutuApp website through any browser. Choose the free Regular mode, click the “Download Now” button. Confirm the download of the program by pressing the “Install” key. The messenger icon will appear on the desktop.
  • Run the program. You will be notified that TutuApp has been added to a trusted source. Press the “Cancel” key.
  • Open the smartphone settings section. In the “Basic” tab, select “Phone Management”. If the supporting applications have not been previously installed, the list will contain a single Xiamen Cloud Top tab. After clicking on it, Watsap is allowed to work with the device.
  • Open TutuApp and click on Get Now. At first use, the system recommends the installation of a personal data protection tool. Click “Install,” then cancel the download..
  • Go to the main page of the application, resembling a standard directory. Download software products missing from the AppStore and iTunes here..
  • Enter whatsapp ++ in the search field. Find the messenger on the list and install it. Wait for the download to finish, launch the application.
  • Allow access to personal data, which allows you to create a list of contacts. Confirm the phone number, enter the code received in the message.
  • Customize the profile. Complete the WhatsApp ++ installation process. After that, 2 messengers will appear on one smartphone.

Download 2 WhatsApp on iPhone with TutuApp.

Application settings and features

The application provides the ability to create private and group conversations, send text messages and media files, make audio and video calls.

To use all the features, you need to properly configure the application. To do this, perform the following actions:

  • Enter personal data. To do this, go to your account settings, you need to enter a name or nickname and put a photo. To do this, click on the pencil icon at the bottom right of the page. A gallery opens where you select the desired image.
  • Limit access to information. In the settings menu, find the “Privacy” section. Here, contacts are noted that are able to see the date of the last entry into the application, status, photo. In the same section is the function of blocking an unnecessary interlocutor.
  • Edit the interface. In the chat or call settings, you can put the native language, choose the appropriate font, set the size of the working window, screen saver.

In the application, you can select the original signal for alerts. So you can distinguish from whom the message came. In the “Notifications” section, they configure pop-ups, turn on vibration alerts, and change the color of the indicator.