How to install and deal with whatsapp notifications on apple watch

Thanks to the Apple Watch, you can enjoy sending and reading both iMessages and text messages from the gadget on your wrist. Such a popular platform as Vatsap has not yet received updates for compatibility with Ivotch, although it is actively used on the Mac OS X Whatsapp and iPad Whatsapp. However, thanks to several third-party programs, you can easily figure out how to install Whatsapp on the Apple Watch (Whatsapp on Apple Watch).

Installed messenger on your gadget.

Judging by the data (more than 1.5 billion active users per month), Votsap is a popular application for exchanging information on all platforms. Perhaps this is the main reason why most of us would like to learn about how to download and use Whatsapp on Apple Watch 3.

The Facebook-based instant messaging and calling program does not yet have an official release for interacting with Apple Watch. But there is an IM + platform that can make up for this feature. In addition to Instagram, Apple smart watches are designed for the universal use of several applications and instant messengers. Thus, you have a center of social networks to monitor everything that happens in the world..

The instruction on how to configure the Whats App on the Apple Watch Series 3 or Apple Watch Series 4 looks like this:

  • Download IM + Watch on Apple smart watches from the App Store on Apple through a computer or iPhone X / 8. To do this, open Watch on a paired iPhone, click on the search button in the lower menu, pay $ 2.99.
  • After the Whatsapp application is downloaded, install it on the “My Watch” tab. It’s time to scan the QR code: install now or later.
  • At Apple Watch, open this program. QR code will be displayed for the first time.
  • Open the installed Votsap on your iPhone. Select “Settings from the bottom menu”, then WhatsApp Web / Desktop.
  • Click on the option to scan the QR code for the last time. Whatsapp for Apple Watch is ready.

After a while, all your contacts will be added to Vatsap on Apple Watch. After that, select the desired contact to start a chat.

Next, use Chatify by Ivan Aguirre to host WhatsApp on Apple Watch 4. Thanks to the ability to send and receive messages, view chat images, listen to audio recordings, watch videos, Chatify is a full-featured way out of the situation. Using third-party applications, be careful when exchanging information.

Whats App on Apple Watch Series Smart Watch.

To configure Whatsapp Chatify on your iWatch, make sure it is paired with your iPhone and updated to the latest version.

When the service is installed, download Chatify from the App Store on your iPhone, and then do the same. Now you can follow Watsap messages from the screen on your wrist.

Chatify developers give users the ability to quickly pay a one-time fee of $ 4.99 to unlock all functions and configure the messenger. Spent funds will not be able to disappear. At the same time, you can configure the free version at any time..

But in the beginning, notifications about messages or calls do not come to the Apple Watch. WhatsApp Mac OS has tips and news to solve this situation..

You need to check the following indicators of Apple Watch and Whatsapp:

  • Bluetooth connection
  • Internet connection on iPhone (this website is …);
  • availability of software updates;
  • activity of the Do Not Disturb mode (it must be turned off);
  • individual alerts in settings.

Now all notifications from the Vatsap application are displayed on your Apple Watch.