How to forward a message to another user in WhatsApp

Modern messengers provide various communication options. You can send text messages, videos and photos to your interlocutors, forward information found on social networks. Before forwarding a message to Vatsap to another person, you should familiarize yourself with the features of the procedure.

Forwarding messages on Whatsapp.

How to forward messages to Whatsapp

The developers of the Vatsap messenger have provided the ability to forward messages to any of the subscribers. Such a procedure can be performed not for one, but for several objects, while the algorithms may vary depending on the OS.

On Android

When using a smartphone with the Android operating system, you must perform the following steps.

  • Open chat containing the desired message.
  • Long press to highlight SMS for sending. Then with a simple touch, you can add other messages.
  • A graphical menu is displayed at the top of the screen. In it you need to click on the forwarding icon – the arrow pointing to the right.
  • In the list that opens, select the name of the recipient or his phone number.
  • to send a letter.

If the text message is forwarded, the addressee sees the names of the original sender and the one who performed the forwarding. If the procedure is carried out for a video or graphic file, only the name of the transferor will be visible.

On iPhone

On the “iPhone” you need to use the algorithm described below.

  • Go to Vatsap.
  • Open the chat from which you want to forward the message.
  • Long press to select the desired object.
  • A context menu will appear in which you need to select the “Forward” icon.
  • Checkmark messages to be sent.
  • Then click on the “Share” button. It can be shown as an arrow pointing to the right..
  • In the list that opens, select the recipient.
  • Send an email by clicking “Forward”.

When transferring files of different types in Votsap, the actions will be the same.

Forwarding Media

In “Vatsap” you can share media files with other users. Subscribers can send music, videos or photos to each other.

To complete the transfer, you will need to open a dialog with the person to whom you are going to send files. If there is no chat, create it.

At the bottom of the screen is a field in which you type. On the right there is a paper clip icon with which you can create an attachment. After clicking it, a window will open to select the file to be sent..

Next, follow the steps below..

  • If the transferred video or photo is already in the gadget’s memory, go to the gallery.
  • Locate the file to send and mark it in a special window. You can forward multiple documents at once.
  • Then in the upper right corner of the screen click on OK.
  • Media can also be sent from the camera. To do this, open it by clicking the appropriate icon, take a photo and send it to another subscriber in “Vatsap”.

To forward media files sent by another user, you need to perform the same actions as for a text message. When transferring files already uploaded to “Vatsap”, the procedure is faster than when using materials from the device’s memory.

Sending contact and location

The Vatsap application allows you to send information about the contacts available in the subscriber list. You can simply copy them, saving to the clipboard.

But there is an easier way:

  • Open correspondence.
  • Using the attachment function, add the selected contact.
  • Follow the same steps as when transferring media files.

So you can send information about the location of a person, and the coordinates of any point near.