How to forward a message from WhatsApp to Viber

The answer to the question of how to send from Vatsap to Viber and vice versa comes down to accessing the built-in function of the application, which will allow you to share the information received with other users. If her work crashed, you can transfer files from the chat using the memory of your gadget as a clipboard.

Ways to send a message from Vatsap to Viber.

How messengers interact and what can be sent

Votsap and Viber messengers are based on different communication protocols. Therefore, it is impossible to open a message sent in one of them on the other. In the same way, one cannot correspond with the help of Votsap with a person who has only Viber installed.

However, there are several ways to transfer information..

Using any of these messengers, you can transfer data received in another:

  • text message;
  • photographs and drawings;
  • audio files;
  • video.

The interaction of messengers in this case occurs according to the same principle as the “Share” buttons in the gallery of a smartphone, any mobile application or in social networks.

Sending files from Vatsap to Viber

For the interaction of “Vatsap” and “Viber”, both applications must be installed on the same gadget. The way in which you can move data from one messenger to another depends on the type of file.

When working with a text message, you need:

  • select the fragment that needs to be transferred;
  • press the “Copy” button in the pop-up menu or the icon depicting 2 rectangles;
  • open chat in Viber and insert text.

In this way, you can forward the message in vatsap to another person. To transfer images and other media files, you can use the following instructions:

  • open the Whatsapp dialog where the file to be transferred via Viber is located;
  • click on the transferred picture (or video) and hold until the menu appears;
  • click on the icon with 3 dots;
  • select “Share”;
  • find the Viber icon in the list of available communication methods and click on it.

On the network, there are often user reviews of both applications that such an action leads to a “freeze” of the gadget. In addition, on Android, Vatsap may not see Viber, and the corresponding icon will not appear. In this case, to transfer the received file, you need to load it into the phone’s memory.

Whatsapp defaults to setting up autoload of all received files.

Therefore, if this function has not been disabled, you need to:

  • open Viber;
  • go to the dialogue with the person to whom you want to send the file;
  • click on the “Attach” icon in the menu located at the bottom of the screen;
  • select “Document” from the list;
  • go to the Whatsapp saved files folder;
  • select the desired photo or video and click the “Send” button.

Forwarding from Viber to Votsap

In order to transfer a message from Viber to Vatsap, you need to perform 4 steps:

  • open a dialog and select a piece of text or a media file;
  • in the pop-up menu, select the very last item (“Share”);
  • find “Vatsap” in the list of available services;
  • click on the icon of this application.

This will be possible only if two applications are installed on the smartphone..

If the program generates an error during this action, you can transfer the media file in a manner similar to that described in the previous section:

  • go to the dialogue in “Votsap”;
  • click on the “Attach” icon;
  • choose from the download folder which file should be transferred.

In Viber, as in Vatsap, you can configure automatic downloading or manually upload a file. To save gadget memory, option 2 is preferable.

To save only the media object that you want to share, you must:

  • select the image of interest (or video) by clicking on it and holding until a “tick” appears on it;
  • tap the “Send File” icon;
  • select “Save to Gallery”.

In the same way, you can send a message to social networks, share a video on YouTube, send an e-mail or write an SMS to a number from your contact list.