How to find out which number is connected to WhatsApp

In some situations, including replacing a SIM card, authorization problems appear in the messenger. Information on how to find out your Vatsap number will help you to stay in touch without interrupting communication.

Number confirmation.

When changing a SIM card

When changing the package of a mobile operator, new numbers are not immediately remembered. Since the WhatsApp account is tied to a SIM card, it may be difficult to access your personal profile page. For authorization, the program requires you to enter the phone number to which the verification code is sent.

Information can be viewed on the smartphone. With a special call, information is requested from the operator and displayed on the screen with a message. After that, you will need to update your personal data in the messenger.


  • open application settings;
  • Log in to your account
  • by pressing the corresponding key, activate the function of changing the number;
  • enter updated information about your phone in the field that opens;
  • complete the procedure by clicking on the “Finish” button.

From this moment, the interlocutors will see the new data of the current SIM card. The rest of the personal profile information of the user will not change.

How to find out your Watsapp number through a friend

An alternative option to clarify Vatsap’s number is to apply for assistance to interlocutors. To do this, you need to select the person with the most conversations from the list of friends. He will need to click on the “View contacts” button in the chats tab. New numbers are best conveyed in a text message..

Keep in mind that the WhatsApp phone book only displays information that is verified by a verification code. It is recommended to notify all friends in advance about changing the number.

How to find a person in Vatsap by phone number

Unlike most social networks that allow you to find people by last name, first name, age and place of residence, Vatsap is designed exclusively for digital search. Therefore, if a person’s SIM card is not tied to an account, it is impossible to find it in the messenger.

To determine the presence of a user profile in WhatsApp by phone number, subject to several conditions:

  • the mobile device of the desired subscriber must have a stable Internet connection;
  • installation on a smartphone messenger – a prerequisite for finding a person through a communication application;
  • the phone number of the wanted friend or buddy should be added to the contact list, indicating his name or other personal data.

If all the above conditions are met, the program will notify you about the desired subscriber in the network.

Two WhatsApp on a phone with two SIM cards

Some people use WhatsApp for social communication, others conduct business correspondence with remote business partners. Combining these actions is difficult. For such users, it is possible to install a second similar application on a smartphone with a different account.

The standard version of the communication utility is designed to install a single program on one device. Even with two SIM cards, the user has to choose the package of the mobile operator with the largest number of contacts. Programmers have found ways to install second software on the phone. Options vary by smartphone operating system..


For mobile devices on the Android platform, the messenger is installed using several methods.

The following technologies are in demand:

  • Duplicate WhatsApp using the Parallel Space application;
  • permission to install third-party programs in the phone settings;
  • installation of special software OGWhatsApp.

The first method is considered the simplest. To implement it, you will need to open the “Play Market”, download the free utility on your Android device. From the list of applications for cloning, you need to select Votsap. When the copy creation procedure is completed, the program will tell you how to display the icon of the new messenger on the main screen. It remains to register a second profile, tied to a spare phone.

The next method is to change the settings of the smartphone. In the “Security” section, an option is activated that allows you to install applications from unknown sources. Care should be taken when choosing unverified software for installation. Programmers advise securing the device with antivirus.

The biggest difficulty is creating a second account in Watsap using the OGWhatsApp program. The procedure requires skill and special skills. Detailed information on using the application can be found on the official messenger portal.


On devices with the iOS operating system, to create a backup profile in WhatsApp tied to the second SIM card of the phone, you will need to perform the following steps:

  • Download and Download Safari Browser.
  • On the website, find and install the TuTuHelper utility on the iPhone.
  • Accept the offer to install a developer certificate on the smartphone. To do this, in the window that opens, click the corresponding button.
  • In the main settings, select the “Device Management” section.
  • Open the tab “Winner Media Co., LTD.” Confirm the installation by clicking on the button labeled “Trust”.
  • Activate the program, agree to send notifications.
  • From the proposed list, note the “WhatsApp ++” application. Send it to download.
  • After the icon appears on the main display, you will need to click the Trust button. This step completes the installation..

Having launched the updated messenger, you need to log in to the system. Registration is similar to Vatsap’s official profile. The personal data of the account indicates the number of the second SIM card. In this way, two identical applications are installed on the same iPhone.