How to find out that a person has deleted WhatsApp

It happens that the messenger bothers a person or becomes unnecessary, and he gets rid of him. Users sending him messages are worried when they do not receive a response. In this situation, you can choose other means of communication, but first you need to make sure that the other person no longer has the application. You can find out how to understand that a person deleted a vatsap in this article..

WhatsApp Messenger.

How to understand that a person is in whatsapp online

To determine if a person is online in Vatsap, you need to go into the chat of this contact, where calls and correspondence with him are displayed. If he is in touch, then the status of “online” will be written under the name of the interlocutor. If the subscriber is not online, then the time of his last activity will be displayed there. The user could be online that day, yesterday or a few days ago. It’s easy to find out.

How to find out that a person has deleted an application

When, when sending a message or trying to make a call, there is a suspicion that a person has deleted the messenger from the device, this can be easily checked using several methods:

  • The user did not appear on the network for a long time, and his last status, showing the visit, has not changed for a long time. Perhaps the person changed the phone number or completely stopped using the application.
  • Messages sent to the interlocutor do not reach, although they were sent a long time ago. This messenger has a special message delivery system: another person can see that the message has been delivered and read only if the interlocutor has not put a ban on this function. Therefore, it is possible that he ignored the message, and the person who sent him will not know about it.
  • The best and surest way to find out if a user has a messenger is to call him. If there are no calls when dialing a number in the application, this means that the interlocutor deleted the account or Votsap himself, since the system cannot send the call.
  • The application allows you to check whether the user is active in Watsap. If the program is not present on his phone, then the subscriber does not use it. If you try to add a new chat, the person will see a list of all the contacts included in the address book. When the user is not displayed, it means that he is not in the messenger. To check, you need to start Vatsap, click on the icon with a small plus sign and find the subscriber to create a chat with him. In this case, the phone will display a list of accounts to which the application is available. Remote subscribers will not be displayed.

Remote messenger.

What will be visible if you remove Votsap

In the event that the user decides to remove the program from himself, then all his chats, message history will remain with the interlocutors with whom he communicated. However, they will not be able to call him again, and sent messages will not reach the addressee.

When the user installs the application again, all messages will come and become available for reading, but information about missed calls will be lost, so the person will not know who called him.

How to find out if you have been removed from WhatsApp

Sometimes it happens that the subscriber does not want to communicate with any person anymore and decides to block him in Vatsap. You can verify this by the following scheme:

  • A blocked person cannot find out anything related to user activity: his status, information about the last appearance on the network, etc..
  • User avatar remains unchanged for a long period, but before it often changed.
  • All messages do not reach the goal, remain undelivered and are not read. Sometimes there can only be one gray check mark next to the message.
  • I can’t call the subscriber.

If most of the items match, then most likely the user has blocked the interlocutor.

Sometimes there are times when an application blocks a subscriber, and then with the help of his account a person will no longer be able to re-register. To do this, create another account. You can read more in our article on how to find out if you were removed from whatsapp.