How to delete a message from Whatsapp

It may happen that the user made a mistake in the chat or sent unread text with an error. To get rid of unwanted correspondence, you need to know how to delete a message in “Vatsap” for all its participants. To do this, the application has 2 options: “Delete from me” and “Delete from all”.

If you made a mistake and sent the message to the wrong address, you can delete it.

What is useful function

If the message went to the wrong number, the sending cannot be canceled. But if the user has lost the desire to share a message with the interlocutor or it is just necessary to erase the correspondence history in order to avoid leakage of important information, you can remove the sent message on WhatsApp from all participants within 68 minutes. After this time, only the “Delete from me” function will remain available in the menu, that is, messages will reach other participants and be saved in the chat history of the interlocutors.

Delete WhatsApp message from sender

Even if you managed to erase the message in the first minutes after sending, this does not mean that the letter has not yet been read. Message text may appear on the recipient’s phone lock screen.

The sender removal scheme in “Vatsap” for the sender is the same on all devices:

  • Press and hold the message with your finger until the context menu appears.
  • Select “Delete” or the urn icon.

After that, the interlocutor’s chat will remain in the same form, and on the sender’s phone will be fixed. You can delete any number of letters at any time in this way..

Message Deletion Procedure.

Remove text from both chat members

If the sender decided to delete one or several messages in correspondence, he will be able to remove them from the phone only with the latest version of “Vatsap” installed. Another participant on the gadget must also have the application updated, otherwise it will be impossible to use the “Delete at all” function.

To update the application to the latest version, you must log in to your account on the Play Market on the Android platform or in the App Store on iOS.


You can delete the message in the smartphone if you perform these manipulations in the phone settings:

  • Open application on smartphone.
  • Mark one or more messages.
  • Hold one message until the icon bar appears.
  • Select recycle bin icon.

Instead of a chat message, a notification about deleting the message will appear. The interlocutor will also see him.


On an iPhone, you must follow a similar procedure to that used on Android smartphones:

  • Open Votsap chat.
  • Mark all necessary messages with a blue tick.
  • Hold one message until the context menu appears.
  • Select the “Delete” option..
  • Confirm action in the dialog box that opens.

Removal on iPhone.


You can also delete unwanted messages from your PC.

To do this, you must:

  • Open the application and synchronize it with the phone.
  • Select sent messages to be excluded from correspondence.
  • Click “Delete”.

In Group

In group chat, the file and text are erased, even if one of the participants has already opened the message and it has the status “Read”. You can remove one or several letters in a group according to the same principle as in a chat with 2 participants. If the messages were not deleted due to network failures or for other reasons, a notification of their removal will not be received.

Voice messages

Audio recordings are deleted from the dialogue history in the same way as text. After clamping the desired voice message, click “Delete”. But the audio messages in “Votsap” may not disappear forever, because they are stored not only in the chat, but also in the application’s internal directory (when this option is activated). In order to activate the function of saving files offline, it is not necessary to make attempts to restore deleted records. It’s enough to select the backup function and virtual storage in the phone’s settings, where audio messages will be duplicated.

IPhone Features

On iPhone, you can also save voice recordings in the cloud and have access to them after removing the application from the chat. All voice messages will remain in the iTunes service. Files will be available for listening and offline.

Another way to save the audio file from “Vatsap” in the device’s memory before deleting is to send a sound message to your own e-mail, specifying yourself as the addressee.

Custom Solution

There is a method in Votsap to remove the time limit in order to erase unnecessary messages. This tricky delete method allows you to go back in time and clear the history of the dialogue..


After 68 minutes after sending, voice messages can be deleted from the chat if you follow this algorithm:

  • Go to the “Settings” tab with a gear sign on your smartphone.
  • Turn off your Internet or set flight mode.
  • Select the “Date and time of network” setting and deactivate automatic data updates.
  • Manually set the date and time before the first message from all that need to be removed. Time should be set earlier than necessary at least an hour.
  • Send text, video, and files from the app to the trash.
  • Reset date and time settings and deactivate airplane mode.

This way you can delete text, an outdated link or image.


A message sent on an iPhone will disappear from the chat history forever if you follow these steps:

  • Activate flight mode or turn off the Internet.
  • Go to the “General” tab of your Apple account.
  • Select date and time settings.
  • Turn off the option “Automatic” opposite the item “Date and time”.
  • Click on current date and time.
  • Scroll the reels with the date, hours and minutes and fix the time before the date of dispatch.
  • Erase all unnecessary messages, photos or media files.
  • Return network settings, date and time.

If the interlocutor performs similar manipulations in a dialogue or chat, the text delivered to the user will be deleted, and an appropriate notification will appear in his place.