How to create a new group in Whatsapp

Messengers allow you to communicate with a person in private messages, as well as create general conversations. Therefore, many users are interested in how to create a group in Vatsap. You can do this on any device where the application is supported. The community will be closed.

How to create a new group in Vatsap

Creating a group chat takes place in several stages and there are some rules for the group. The user needs to come up with a name that should not exceed 25 characters, and invite participants from the list of contacts available in the application. Watsap puts a limit on the number of people participating in the dialogue (up to 100 people).

Step-by-step instructions for creating a group on a computer:

  • Press “Menu”. It can be indicated by the sign of three dots (horizontal, vertical) or “tick”.
  • Select the option “New group”.
  • Search for contacts to add, select the ones you need.
  • Click on arrow.
  • Write group name.
  • Add a picture by clicking on the sign of the camera and select the option: take a picture, upload or find an image.
  • Confirm action.

Messenger is supported on smartphones and iPhones. This allows you to create a community on various operating systems..

Android instruction

  • Launch the watsup, click on the top tab “Chats”.
  • Select at the top the sign of three points and the line “New group”. You can use the combination “New chat” – “New …”.
  • Search for contacts who will be invited to chat. Click on the arrow to continue..
  • Enter a name, it is allowed to use smiles. Set a picture on the main photo.
  • Complete the action and click on the green checkmark. A new conversation should appear in existing ones..

We create a group in vatsap.

Instructions for iOS

  • Launch the application on the phone, authorize your account (if this is not done automatically).
  • Find the “Chats” tab (located in the upper panel), click on the three dots icon in the right corner, click on the “New Group” line.
  • Search for contacts. They are marked with a green tick and are added to the group conversation. A window will pop up where the name is entered.
  • The creator of the chat can set the avatar by selecting a photo from a computer or taking a picture on a webcam, then presses the green button to save actions.

How to link group invitation on Whatsapp

An administrator, that is, a creator, can create an address and invite people to chat. The user who clicked on the link has the right to join the group, and he does not need the approval of the administrator.

The creator of the general chat can cancel the address and create a new one.

On iphone

To create a link, you must go to group chat. You can also go to the “Chats” tab and swipe left:

  • Click “More” and “Data …”.
  • Select “Invitation …”.

Admin can share, copy the link. There is an opportunity to go to the community using the QR code. IPhone owners can scan it using the camera.

On android

Go to the “Chats” tab, press and hold the group. Select “Other options” and go to “Data …”. Click on the button “Invite by link”.

The administrator is provided with three options to choose from:

  • Send via vatsap.
  • Copy.
  • Create a QR code. In order to share it, you need to click on “Other options” – “Print …”. For scanning you need to have a special application.

WhatsApp invitation.

How to change the list of participants

To change the number of people in the created group, go to the conversation information menu. Here is a list of members. The administrator can delete, block any user. He also sets up alerts for individuals in the community..

To remove a contact, you need:

  • Open group chat dialog.
  • Go to the “Groups” tab.
  • Click on the name or number of the user to be removed from the list of participants.
  • Click on the “Delete” button.

To add a new user to an already created conversation, you must enter the message and go to the page with information about the group. Select the “Add New …” button. Select a contact with a tick and click on the “Finish” button..

How to create a poll poll in a group

The messenger does not imply such an opportunity. In this case, users can create a bot that can:

  • send invitations to contacts from the phone book;
  • conduct voting or polls, analyze answers and generate a report;
  • record data;
  • recognize the interests of the audience.

Creating a bot in Votsap on your own is difficult, so you have to order a program from specialists. There are companies on the Internet that provide this service at an affordable price..

You can use the third-party resource WhatsApp Poll. Here is a form in which the question and answer options are indicated. After clicking on the “Finish” button, buttons for sending to social networks will appear. A link is generated that can be shared in the chat.