How to add a member to whatsapp group

WhatsApp has become an alternative to mobile communications and is widely used as a modern way of communication. Using the messenger, you can call other users and send them messages. In addition, Votsap provides additional opportunities for communication between people in the user’s contact list.

In connection with the improvement of the work of this application, it is necessary to consider the procedure for attracting a new user to the chat. Learn how to add a person to a group in Whatsapp from this article..

Adding a person to a group.

Can I ban invitations to groups?

In the era of hobbies with social networks, chat rooms, blogs, instagram, not all people are able to actively communicate during the working day. They may also need to limit unnecessary communication in Watsap: in some cases, it comes down to advertising campaigns or spamming..

Quite often, people who are not ready to spend much time on the phone receive invitations that they would like to refuse. Such chat messages distract from business.

However, the user of Vatsap cannot establish a complete ban on invitations, adding to groups or blocking. So that chatting does not interfere with the user, he can turn off notifications about new messages in the conversation or leave the group, as well as block its administrator. Admin blocking prohibits sending invitations to group chats.

Notifications can be configured for the entire messenger, as well as for individual communities and contacts. Exiting a group does not prohibit the administrator from again sending users an invitation to join a group.

In this case, the administrator’s blocking will be the best solution. Until a new admin appears, chatting will not bother.

Adding buddies to a group

The need to expand the discussion circle involves adding interlocutors to an existing conversation in Vatsap. This can only be done by a person with administrator functions. For this, the number of the future interlocutor should be included in his contact list. The administrator can also change the name of the chat, add an image and icons. The process of adding interlocutors has its own characteristics, based on the technical characteristics of the user’s communication device.

On android

Adding interlocutors to chat on a phone with an android involves several steps:

  • Open group chat.
  • Call the context menu (section “Group info”).
  • Click on the offer “Add Member”.
  • Select the desired contact from the phone list.

Devices from apple

To invite new people to a conversation on devices from apple, you need to enter chat rooms in the Vatsap application, select the desired conversation.

The “Add Member” function will appear on the top line. With the invitation of a new participant, access to the telephone directory is opened, in which you need to select a contact and send him an invitation to participate in discussions.

After the user was able to attract to the group chat, he will be able to see messages from other community members and take an active part in the conversation.

How to send a link to a group if you are not an admin

The administrator (creator) of the current group has a number of advantages: he can edit the created community, invite friends and delete previous members.

In order to send a discussion link to a new contact in Votsap, a non-admin user needs to find the “Group Info” section and, scrolling down the list, click on the “Invite by Link” item. This link can be sent to any Vatsap user or share it on your page on social networks.