Can I make Whatsapp drill

The request for details of Vatsap is made in order to find out the secrets of other people. Some are sure that such a service is available to everyone and is provided directly.

Is it possible to formally print out WhatsApp

Users can print WhatsApp messages through message archiving. This option does not require cash investments.

Another way is paid and is not suitable for independent use. It consists in the fact that you will have to order Vatsap detailing from third-party companies. They offer a wide range of services:

  • wiretapping someone else’s number;
  • detailing the personal data of the account holder;
  • listing of dialogs.

Both options are not direct (official), that is, the messenger developers do not provide the ability to print correspondence.

How to archive your chats and then browse

The archiving process on different phone operating systems has slight differences. For users of smartphones on Android:

  • Choose a chat and keep pressing for a long time.
  • A menu will open at the top of the screen, where you need to click on the white square with a green arrow that points down.

If you want to hide all correspondence, then you need to go to the application menu and click on the “Settings” item. Go to “Chats” and find the line “History …”, click on the option “Archive all …”. If you need to print SMS, then the option “Send by email” is selected. The file arrives at the specified address, from where it can be downloaded and saved to a computer or phone.

For iPhone users, the instructions will be similar. The difference can only be in hiding a single correspondence. After a long press, a menu will open, where the line “To archive” is immediately selected.

You can find hidden messages at the end of the chat list..

Chat Archiving.

How to check WhatsApp another subscriber

Applications for reading other people’s SMS. One of these is Spyzie – it is provided free of charge, but there are functions for which you need to pay extra (not necessary). With its help, messages and the location of a person are tracked. The program does not hack account.

To use, you need to download the utility and install it on your smartphone. Go through the registration. Correspondence will be available in the online panel.

You can use the WhatsApp Sniffer program. This creates a fake account. You will need to install the utility on the smartphone of the person being monitored. You will be able to view messages at a time when the user is online.

The MSPY application allows you to monitor not only Vatsap, but also other social networks, including Snapchat. Of the minuses, it can be noted that some functions were deleted, but there remained parental control, anti-theft protection and an alert system.

In addition to applications, the user can use a special QR code. To do this, you need access to the number and phone:

  • In the browser on your computer, go to the official WhatsApp website. In the left corner are small squares.
  • Enter the messenger from the smartphone of the person you want to track. In the menu, click “WhatsApp web”.
  • Point the smartphone camera at the code, click on scan.
  • Mobile version and computer will be synchronized.